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A party cocktail dresses is on and so the question in the room: What do I only wear again this time, without boring me in the classic little black, but also not to be overdressed?

If you are looking for a cool and modern alternative to the kneeling dress, we recommend Evening pants.

Wide Pajama Pants Are Suitable For Evening Wear

At least since the pajama has been considered as everyday life, far-reaching Palazzo pants made of flowing, silky fabrics have entered the evening wear.

The look is particularly noble when everything is held in tone. To avoid wrinkles, pay attention to delicate flowing materials.

This Is How To Design Wide Pants Feminine

Wide pants seem rather masculine per se since female forms are negated completely. Anyone who still wants a feminine silhouette should choose a figures top and put on filigree jewelry. A belt accentuates the waist.

The most feminine variant, wide-cut trousers to wear, is the combination with a slip-top. Delicate colors plus delicate materials complement each other perfectly.

Only condition: The top should be put into the waist of the pants so that the silhouette does not look too voluminous.