Tag: Easy Hairstyles

After horsetails, half-haired hair is the most common hairstyle. They are simple, feminine and without hurting or over-tightening your head. Depending on the way you choose to catch them, you can have a hairstyle that is “worn” from morning to night.

With a little good mood and if you take your hands a little, you will be able to create awesome hairstyles, almost like a salon. Below you will find some of the most easy hairstyles with half the hair you can do.

Hairstyles with half hair up

Your choices are without a lot. From the classic and hasty tits to the beloved tall tattoo, to the more intricate braids with braids. Clearly, there is no rule saying that you can not combine more than one style together. An interesting everyday option could be half-tied hair and a towel on the side.

If you want something more sophisticated, which you can do for both work and coffee, then I would recommend you the most “set” hairstyles. Straight hair with a torn or split hair, knitted and tied with a ribbon. Do not be discouraged if you have short hair because you can also make impressive hairstyles with half the hair up. Keep in mind that your best ally is tweezers and thin rubber bands. You can do miracles!

For more alternate and youthful appearances, I think the choices are space buns, braids, and anything carelessly sloppy. Spend all your liveliness and energy through a “crazy” hairstyle. Dare to do something different and feel the surge of freshness and renewal in your face.

Tip: Between us do what your hairstyle likes and expresses you. If you feel comfortable with yourself it counts!