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Gray hair is undesirable. Therefore, most people dye their hair as soon as the first gray threads appear. At least once a month, the new color must be upside down. If the color really covers the gray, then it contains chemicals.

In some sources of the Internet, however, it means now, you have to do nothing more than take colloidal copper and get rid of her gray hair. Never dye anymore, never more chemistry in your hair. That sounds seductive. Does copper actually help against gray hair?

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Can colloidal copper help against gray hair?

Gray hair is not really popular in our society. You often look older than you are – and who wants that? But monthly coloring with hair colors makes no fun.

We have already reported onion juice as a traditional remedy for gray hair.

In the net circulates another remedy, which is much easier in the application: Colloidal copper, which one simply takes for a while and the problem is solved immediately, that is, the natural hair color comes back and the gray disappears, so it is at least.

Can copper deficiency lead to gray hair?

However, concrete indications of the truth and the effectiveness of this measure cannot be found. There are several blog articles and a few success stories in relevant forums. Apart from these isolated anecdotes, there seems to be nothing to prove it, at least not with a scientific background – with one exception.

If there is a copper deficiency, it can actually lead to gray hair. The trace element copper plays an important role in melanin formation. Melanins are color pigments that color the skin brown when exposed to sunlight but are also responsible for the different hair colors – red, brown, black.

The enzyme tyrosinase is required for the formation of melanin – and this enzyme consists of copper. If copper is missing, no tyrosinase can be formed. Without tyrosinase no melanin. And without melanin, the hair turns gray or white.

Low copper levels in people who get gray hair early

An Iranian study from 2012 found a link between low copper status and premature graying of hair. However, “prematurely” is understood to mean “at a young age”. The 66 participants in the study were therefore all younger than 20 years. They now examined their iron, zinc and copper levels and compared them with the status of 66 non-gray peers.

Examination of the zinc level showed no differences.

Take care if you take iron, that you do not exaggerate it and end up with no iron deficiency, but now you have a copper deficiency.

In the case of copper deficiency, the defect should definitely be remedied

Anyone who discovers the first gray hair when they are young could then have their trace element supply checked and correct the corresponding deficiencies. Of course, you can even in advanced age to determine your mineral and trace element values. Because defects should always be avoided or eliminated – whether you have gray hair or not.

If there is a copper deficiency, it may actually be that your hair returns to its natural color when you take copper and so fix the defect.

Copper deficiency: more symptoms

Copper deficiency can cause more symptoms, not just gray hair:

  • Tiredness and concentration disorders
  • Pigment disorders of the skin
  • susceptibility to infection
  • hair loss
  • depressions
  • Fragile bones
  • respiratory symptoms
  • among others

Which copper supplement is suitable for eliminating the copper deficiency in gray hair?

However, to remedy a copper deficiency you do not necessarily have to take colloidal copper. There are many preparations with copper, z. Two capsules per day are enough to cover 200 percent of the copper needs, which helps to remedy the shortage quickly.

Conclusion: If gray hair is the result of a lack of copper, the removal of the defect can revive the hair again. However, if there is no copper deficiency, the ingestion of copper is unlikely to contribute to the natural hair color.

Although gray hair can also be caused by stress, hyperacidity, vitamin deficiencies and intestinal flora disorders, it does appear in middle or older age, although the general condition, gray hair, improves with good vital substance supply, comprehensive stress management, deacidification and intestinal cleansing However, it rarely takes its natural color again.