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The Fashion Faux-Pas Of The Week

Seen on Instagram, a total look Fendi very bad taste. The author of this fashion crime? Mrs. Kardashian herself.

It had been a while since Kim Kardashian had not been featured in our weekly column. Hunt the natural, she comes back at a gallop! It is, therefore, no surprise that Kim K is again pinned by the fashion police because of fashion faux pas. The object of the offense?

A questionable look signed Fendi from head to toe. And that’s probably the big mistake of the silhouette: a total look with aggressive patterns to spin us headaches for the whole day.

The overdose of F, reproduced by hundreds on the entire silhouette of Kim K, we would almost forget that it wears only pantyhose as trousers. The pretty mom is not on his first try but on our side, we camp on our position: it’s ugly and then it

What do you think of Kim Kardashian’s look?