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Nail Art PHOTOS – Real dried flowers that decorate the nails is the latest manicure trend that has tried the nail artists.

They were loved in the hair, worn braided in a crown. And we will now love them as a manicure. Surfing on the romantic and bohemian wave. the flowers are now invited on our nails, decorating generously or in a more discreet way according to desires. A trend that the queens of nail art have already given themselves. relaying their finest creations via their Instagram account.

Worn on one or all fingers. the coupled with colorful or transparent varnish. these small dried flowers delicately placed on the nail. the according to the inspiration of each, making take a turn sometimes girly, sometimes retro to our look. But this tendency also has the power to make us fall back into childhood, even betraying a desire for nostalgia. Indeed, who remembers these afternoons spent feeding our herbarium with new crops? We only need to start again.