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Short Haircuts for the arrival of autumn fancy a change of face shape haircut … Do you dare with short haircuts? We tell all the Short Bob Haircuts trends for A / W seasons

Bobs Haircuts Autumn / winter are a good time to change her haircut and one of the strongest trends for the new season comes is short haircuts. Radical cuts, with air and punk rockers are carried, but also have room for short cuts bob style or texture. Short hair is perfect for those who have little time and want to take a flattering and fashionable look.

Within the hair trends for fall / winter season include cuts more radical and modern short hair. Pixie Haircuts continue to plague. This type of cut can be in many ways, but always with the back of the neck and both sides of the very short head. The front also we can take short or long and asymmetrical bangs aside. This type of cut will give us a youthful look.

If you want to go for a classic pixie short haircut commitment to cut, a classic that never goes out of style. Short cuts are absolutely punk style trend this season: you can choose to “shave” the two sides of the head and the top combed forward and razor – cut. If you want to pronounce the rebel touch the ink brushed the top of the head with another tone.

Another hairstyle we have seen on the catwalks is a short cut restructured with short bangs and the longer sides and with a touch unkempt. If you prefer a look more likely we can play with color: it takes a haircut style helmet, but with movement and the tips dyed a lighter color or pastel tones. If you want a short hair more elegant, there’s nothing like a cut of masculine style and in this case we play with pomade or gel to create a wet look.

We threw her hair back and apply torque wet gel create that effect so fashionable. If you want to take a short feminine bet hair for a short bob cut with a clear neck and longer front imitating a bob, this cut should always go over the ears or flush them. For women with slightly curly or wavy hair can choose a short hair cut climbed and lowered a bit in the neck, if we remove some volume. Curls must have some disordered structure. For those who have frizzy hair, we can opt for a cut afro or a more radical change, with almost crew cut.

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