Take Care Of Your White Hair


White hair? No one escapes the hardest thing to accept is that they are there without warning for camouflage, our first instinct is to use different hair care. However, a product may not suitable worse. It would be wise to know everything about the white hair before subjecting the hair any treatment.

Take Care Of Your White Hair

Why Does Hair Turn White?

White hair resulting slowdown and the complete cessation of the synthesis of melanin, the pigment responsible for hair dyeing because this item is no longer synthesized at the root, the hair loses its original color and turns white. Sure, you can pull one by one but still know that once the hair bleach, they repel always white.

What Are the Factors That Lead to Hair Bleach?

This was decided nature, we can not do anything. The phenomenon can be hereditary: If you have relatives who had white hair early, it is likely that this happens to you too.
Psychological or emotional shock, if the shock in serious question, it may lead to destruction of melanin.

What To Do In Case of White Hair?

The most important is to first see if you already have a lot or if the process has only just begun. Indeed, proper treatment depends on the number of gray hairs on our head we. Three cases can occur:

If you have less than 20% white hair coloring soft or semi-permanent suffice. In this case, the dye does not disrupt the health of hair due to the absence of peroxide. However, after several washes, you should repeat the operation.

If you are between 20% and 40% of white hair tone on tone is the best way to cover gray hair. This treatment can last between six and eight weeks conducting staining transparency.

If you have more than 40% of white hair and a permanent solution is needed more aggressive. The goal is to color the entire hair. By cons, you should do on a regular basis to avoid root effect.

How to Stay Natural With Gray Hair?

Anyway, you can also decide to keep your white hair. You can judge that fits you well. However, the hair will always need care. These special treatments have the effect of preventing the hair changes color to yellow. Pollution and external attacks can all have this effect on your white hair. The use of special shampoos is also recommended.

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