Taylor Swift Floral Print Dress Playsuit in New York


Taylor Swift floral print dress clearly, we are missing more public appearances by American singer! This time it is found in a vintage preppy look in floral print dress in New York

Taylor Swift floral print dress yesterday, we saw Taylor Swift chic white blouse and printed in New York pants, beautiful blonde is definitely pursued by paparazzi at each of its public appearances. This time, no gym, the young woman was spotted in New York with several children. The latter reveals smiling surrounded by these girls. As for her look, we can say that as usual, it is very controlled. She opts for a summer outfit with a floral print playsuit; it cuts with a wide brown belt for a vintage look.

Taylor Swift Red lipstick

New York! Taylor Swift floral print dress With Pair of Yellow Shoes

A short dress that reveals her slender silhouette, it was time! For her little feet, the young 24 year old woman chooses to wear a pair of yellow shoes with pointed tip. A shade reminiscent of her heart printed on its holding flowers. As for accessories, the beautiful remains true to it and do not prefer to wear jewelry too extravagant. No rings or bracelets, but a bag taupe gray hand rather chic, which makes all the difference. For her hair, Taylor Swift opted for a boho chic effect with a low bun it attaches to the side.

Taylor Swift Floral Print Dress With Yellow Shoes in New York-

We remember all her wise red floral print dress in New York, Taylor Swift never misses an opportunity to put her mouth in value. Glamour yes, but never vulgar! Again, this is a pop red lipstick she chose a more colorful and accented shade that contrasts well with its floral outfit. As for her eyes, a touch of mascara and eyeliner related to an effect “smoky eye” enough to intensify her innocent look. We can say that this is still a no-fault American singer, who continues to meet us for its always fresh and colorful looks. We love the vintage look of Taylor Swift in floral printed playsuit?

Taylor Swift Floral Print Dress With Yellow Shoes in New York

Invincible and inevitable trend of the summer, the combi attracted all the stars. That the door in shorts or pants, classic or original it will still invade our streets this summer!

Top legs! The sun is there … so why hide our gams and keep pallid? Enjoy in sunbathing. The jumpsuit reminds us that wearing overalls when she was a child. And it is multi-functional since you can wear it casual, as chic. Opt for the all denim like Alexa Chung for the day or black satin glamor as Cara Delevingne for the evening. Looking to bring in a more serious way? Follow the advice of Taylor Swift looks. With its combined with the collar and ornate pair of shoes matched with yellow flowers printed buttons, the singer assures! Unconditional love with this outfit, the singer of “Red” continues to amaze us.

Taylor Swift Floral Print Dress

No way to stay sober for the star, it is strapless, slinky and dotted with flowers, or large blue plaid, Rita dare and it works! The singer does not go unnoticed. Elbow to elbow with Gwen Stefani who adopts that loose for a casual outfit.

Kim Kardashian is not far behind and the door, meanwhile, more often united colors. Pastel pink to black sensual, the it-girl has the art of wearing the jumpsuit with elegance and glamor! Since the arrival of her baby and her marriage with North Kanye West, Kim is careful to keep a class look at any time.

Taylor Swift Floral Print Dress With Yellow Shoes & Totle Black Look

Whether bustier for social events like Emily Ratajkowski or denim for the day as Jessica Alba, the combination is going on everywhere!

Hard to make a choice between the two clans but after all, why make one? We adopt it as long short, it quickly becomes gaga. Allow there to go out and what the temperature is outside, because yes, the combination can also be worn in the winter! Meanwhile, Bright summer so let your beautiful legs breathe.

Tell us, which do you prefer?

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