Celebrity Bun Hairstyles is New Look For Fans Long Hair

Celebrity Bun Hairstyles is New Look For Fans Long Hair

The bun is on everyone’s heads. Golden Globes to the tea party and the Bafta ceremony Critic’s Choice Awards she is the new king of the red carpet. In hanks, perched, wearing disheveled or ultra-sophisticated stars love it. It’s simple it all girls and actresses most bankable have fallen for her.

Celebrity Bun Hairstyles

Jennifer Lawrence carries twisted to the side Amanda Seyfried shows that even with thin hair bun is doing the above about Eva Longoria she dazzles us with her version of rock ‘chic.

Proof in pictures ….

The Twist Bun Taylor Swift

The twist bun Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift abandons her impeccable smooth brushing up tips for a beautiful bohemian bun a little messy.

The Bun Sticker On The Side Of Rose Byrne

The bun sticker on the side of Rose Byrne

We love the styling and timeless wisdom of actress Rose Byrne. This low bun topped on the wild side and slightly softens facial features.

The most beauty of this look?

Capped off the wick on the side that hides the front of Rose Byrne to bring more sweetness to her little face.

The Fuzzy Bun On The Side Of Jennifer Lawrence

The fuzzy bun on the side of Jennifer Lawrence

We love the bun ball on the side of Jennifer Lawrence subtly disheveled. With this hairstyle falsely sophisticated, the heroine of The Hunger Games opts for the natural beauty and hot.

The Low Chignon Sienna Miller

The low chignon Sienna Miller

Always at the forefront of refinement Sienna Miller combs her hair in a bun and slicked down perfectly prim.


The Bun Banana Julianne Moore

The bun banana Julianne Moore

To pick up her award at the Golden Globes, Julianne Moore chose a hairstyle worthy of the greatest actresses the banana chignon. This hairstyle worked very glamorous redhead allows highlighting her smile.

Kim Kardashian And Her Bun

Kim Kardashian and her bun

Kim Kardashian High bun hairstyles

Kim Kardashian is a woman more refined. She chose a chignon bun perched high to be beautiful and seduce her beloved Kanye West.

Amanda Seyfried And Her Hair Up In Hanks

Amanda Seyfried and her hair up in hanks

We say congratulations to Amanda Seyfried for this hairstyle ingenious. We love these little twists maintained by fine pins on the top of her head and form an adorable romantic bun.

Dita Von Teese And Her Hair Hilltop

Dita Von Teese and her hair hilltop

The sultry Dita Von Teese pinup legend maintains its styling her hair in a bun raven. Retro hairstyle that fits perfectly with the glamorous image of the young woman.

Eva Longoria And Her Rock Chic Chignon

Eva Longoria and her rock chic chignon

Eva Longoria leaves her colleagues buns and bun hairstyles lady for something more rock. She falls for the hull slightly tousled bun on the front. We love this rock glam hair ‘.

Jennifer Lopez And Her Hair Ball

Jennifer Lopez and her hair ball

Addicted to bun sophisticated Jennifer Lopez proves that this hairstyle diva still has a bright future ahead of it on the red carpets.

Katy Perry And Her Hair Twisted

Katy Perry and her hair twisted

Katy Perry plays the beautiful Greek goddesses with this bun while twists. Beautiful

The Bun Wild Hilltop Katharine McPhee

The bun wild hilltop Katharine McPhee

Katharine McPhee shameless chignon bun topped with a version very disheveled and ultra rock canon.

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