The 5 DIY ideas Easter Eggs with Surprise

The 5 DIY ideas Easter Eggs with Surprise
The 5 DIY ideas Easter Eggs with Surprise

Discover an original idea to make an Easter egg with surprise? Here are 5 tips to be missed.

Easter eggs must have the surprise inside. Do not bother just to decorate the outside but also organized a small gift DIY They are filled with whom of course, you can ask your baker to put confidence in the egg anything, even a precious object but it is much more fun to make you de. Hence 5 very simple ideas:

  1. The eggs inspired by nature: sugar paste and decorated with colored icing your egg with floral (leaves and flowers) you can hide inside a bag with the seed.
  2. Eggs jewel! in this case a beautiful golden card (similar to the silver food) will wrap the chocolate. There are also sheets of gold within the food and of course it takes a precious gift.
  3. Egg cartoon! use a chocolate egg, already filled with surprise. It will be your head for a cartoon or comic book. The body and the decorations have to be cardboard.
  4. Bird egg! always using a chocolate egg, cover it with white paper and put a beak and feathers applied orange cardboard. Inside you could put a little chick.
  5. Eggs candy! Packaged your egg as if it were a giant candy, using the beautiful colored paper… Inside, of course, put some candy. The kids will love it (and even adults).

In this menu, Easter eggs, nests, buns, chocolate, lamb… The classics for Easter menu full of surprises leg.

The 5 DIY ideas Easter Eggs with Surprise

For this entry, I wanted an egg that takes on its own nest! I am part of a blown egg cooked in a metal circle. Once cooked, the egg is strong enough to stand in the middle of the nest … For the nest, I needed an ingredient that is yours and that goes well with the egg, so I thought at the bottom artichoke. When I make whole artichokes, I always eat the bottom with hard-boiled eggs and mayonnaise and mustard very it is a treat… Hence the idea of association! Here, the surprise comes from the melting yellow heart egg mix that comes with happiness artichoke and mustard vinaigrette.

The only condition for success this dish is to equip you with circles presentation (now we find everywhere) and parchment paper. The release of the “nest” should be done carefully to be pretty on the plate.

It must be fresh and yellow must remain whole, be careful not to puncture. Egg whites should be mounted until stiff, the drummer. You can also ask your egg on a nest of spinach. Question taste, it is in contrasts. Question presentation is a little less obvious, you will first prepare your spinach in the circle presentation.
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