The 5 Exercises for Toning the Inner Thigh to do at Home or In the Office

The 5 Exercises for Toning the Inner Thigh to do at Home or In the Office
The 5 Exercises for Toning the Inner Thigh to do at Home or In the Office

Exercises for the inner thigh to do at home or in the office: here’s some for you!

The hectic life, you know, it sometimes leaves no time to do a little ‘ sport and not infrequently we have to carve out moments during the day in order to perform some useful exercise. Well, if you have the time to do it, you might perform the exercises that we propose below maybe during the break at the office. Today we want to talk about exercises for the inner thigh exercises that – as you’ll see – you can do both at work and at home obviously.

Exercises for Inner Thigh

There is at this point that you find out what are the most effective, so … let’s begin!

  1. Exercise 1: make yourself sitting on a chair and place a ball (which you will be brought to the office on purpose) between the legs. So, close your legs slowly putting pressure on the ball and release of course without dropping it. Repeat the exercise 15 times for three sets.
  2. Exercise 2: To perform the second exercise, you will need an elastic band, which will be tied around a fixed chair or furniture. That said, stick your left leg and place it inside the elastic slightly above the knee. Upright, legs slightly bent and spread apart, stomach in and hands on hips. Close the left leg with a slow movement, and return to the starting position. Repeat the movement 15 times for three sets for each leg.
  3. Exercise 3: The third exercise should be performed preferably at home, since you have to lie down on the ground. In the extended position, raised her legs carrying them at a right angle, then straighten your knees and open and close your legs. Perform the movement 15 times for three sets.
  4. Exercise 4: always in the supine position on the floor, raise your legs at an angle of 90° and spread her legs, putting her hands inside of the knees. At this point, close your legs, applying slight pressure to the outside helping you with your hands.
  5. Exercise 5: put yourself in an upright position with her legs spread slightly more than shoulder width. Toes turned outward, and in hr hands a Hold that dumbbell weight you prefer. The handlebars will be held with both hands and placed between the legs. So, get into the squat position and lift. Repeat the exercise 20 times for three sets.

There remains to begin your workout, and maybe supplement your workouts with others, such as those we propose here!

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