The 5 Ideas for Carnival Makeup Inspired to Animals


How to make a nice trick Carnival inspired by animals? Here are some suggestions for you!

Let’s talk about Carnival, masks costumes. About makeup, what do you say to inspire you to look for your pet carnival? If you have chosen an animal disguise of course you’ll need to complete it with make up and accessories fit but a trick “animal” may also be sufficient by itself because even if you choose to dress normally at least your face will become the palette on which “draw” your mask.

Even if you dug well with cosmetics and if you are not accustomed to always apply make-up, you will have no trouble creating a beautiful animal print make-up with our advice because in perfumery can find all the right products to achieve exactly the kind of trick you want. In fact, you will discover that you just have very little to accomplish the trick inspired Carnival of the animals;

Here are Our 5 Tips To Follow!

  1. Animal Eye Shadow Makeup with Adhesive: Do you know the tricks stickers? You find them in drugstores and during Carnival are plenty of those animals with decorations and colors inspired by those of the animals. We suggest, as these will only need to apply eye shadow on the eyes and therefore are very easy to quick to do, to dare choosing something very sensual. For example, a leopard print eyeshadow in shades of gold and black or inspired by the peacock with beautiful colors in shades of blue-green. You will make a great impression!
  2. Lip Makeup Animal: If you are pretty good at drawing you can leave your face neutral and fix only the lips by drawing an animal that you like. Bee for example with the yellow and black two-tone lips, a little black cat, a snake, a fox with its tail, a panda with black -rimmed eyes, etc.
  3. Makeup for Animal Eyes: Same speech of the lips in this case, betting only on the top of the face, then on the look for your makeup inspired by the animals. You can pick from butterflies with wings to the classic trick from feline leopard or tiger and what about the zebra black and white polka dot ladybug or hold?
  4. Make-Animal Half Face: It’s very fun to try to make up only a part of the face as if it were the face of an animal. If you choose a cat, like the leopard, you can make a part of the face speckled and the other normal. Feel free to use tricks glitter and stickers, the effect will be amazing.
  5. Makeup By Cat: It ‘ a classic, easy to make and very cute. Fixing his eyes with eyeliner both above and below the eyelid stretching them well, drawn with a black pencil the tip of the nose and mustache capped the muzzle and lips of red vermilion rigged but reducing some’ contours. Cat ears and you’re done…

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