The 8 Best Foods Burn Fat to Lose Your Little Beads

Want to lose your little beads? Bet on fat burning foods! Integrated dieting natural or as dietary supplements, they refine your silhouette.

The 8 Best Foods Burn Fat to Lose Your Little Beads


This fruit is a fat burner because it has the ability to trap some of the fat they go without blood. Eat lemon when you wake up at this time of day as we are still fasting, lemon will act directly on the liver. You can dilute lemon juice in a large glass of warm water for better absorption. Then during the day, do not hesitate to season with a few drops of lemon salads meats or your fish.


Famous for its satiety effect of pectin, apple is also an excellent sensor sugars and fats due to its polyphenol concentration. It inhibits part of the mechanism of production of body fat and therefore reduces your curves.
Based on this principle, a laboratory has even launched a line of nutritional supplements made with apples and a new concept slimming the pomothérapie!


Originally from Central America, yerba mate plant has always been used by the Indians in Latin America as an infusion. It is rich in natural active ingredients that can activate fat burning.
Another advantage of mate: it’s energizing effect very appreciable period of diet! You can find a tea but also food supplements in the form of bulbs


Guarana has an immediate effect on reducing fat. Its caffeine acts as a real stimulus to dislodge stubborn fat.

Green Tea

Its content of caffeine increases energy expenditure and helps to burn fat reserves. Some of the components of green tea, catechins also a real efficiency on fat distribution in the body.
Note: this is an exciting as well as caffeine and it helps to keep in shape during a diet.


This natural fiber is strong absorbing fat. It treats overweight and reduced cholesterol meals.

The nopal

The nopal is a plant native to Mexico which supports thinning by burning fatter and helps to lose weight. It is eaten in the form of capsules.


Present in cereals, broccoli, mushrooms and egg yolks, chromium are a trace element which limits the transformation of fat into fat cells. For faster action, there are bulbs chrome base.

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