The 9 Rules To Always Make Great Christmas Gifts


Christmas is coming and we are already fibrillation by gifts? In order not to miss a shot here are the rules to follow will be much easier.

Christmas Gifts with the arrival of the holiday season, one of the most pressing commitments to be undertaken is certainly the lap (or laps) for gifts. Especially as apt to make a gift is not always a simple affair: you are likely to give duplication, to focus on ideas already exploited in the past, not to meet the tastes of the recipient. So how do you avoid the mediocre gift?

Christmas Gifts Ideas to Follow Will Be Much Easier

The 9 Rules To Always Make Great Christmas Gifts

Following some simple rules that help us get it right…

01. The book presents –

may seem like a purely “bureaucratic” but draw up lists of gifts on a special notebook, complete with a planned budget and actual, is a great way to keep track of purchases. If you do not like the card we can replace the notebook with an excel sheet, so each year we will have the history of all gifts made to each recipient and how much we shelled out.

02. The book presents BIS –

No, we did not do a copy and paste of the previous title to, quiet. It is another good use of the gifts of the notebook is to devote the final pages of the ideas that come to us from time to time for the gifts. It often happens in fact to be displaced when it comes to making some present to people nearby. When you turn on the light bulb and the right gift comes to mind immediately put pen to paper!

03. Probing desires –

Just in September gel and shampoo because they do not know how to break the deadlock Christmas! We begin to take some notes together according to the people we want to give gifts spot on. When it comes to girlfriends let’s take an afternoon to go for a walk and we watch with their windows looking for something like it. We’ll have an idea of what our friend in need or want to then translate the thought into the gift basket.

04. Gifts Mini –

One of the worst problems, when you make gifts, has to use the gift for people to whom you do not have great duties. A colleague, a neighbor, a distant relative: not to pass unnoticed the Christmas gifts we focus on mini that often border on banality. If you really do not know the tastes of the other person on the originality stakes, however: a Christmas centerpiece done by you, a sweet theme made with your own hands, a useful gadget that is not easily around. To this solution, take a look at network sites, you can save money and still find nice items.

05. Food Gifts –

Even in this case originality is the rule for making a thought really liked. The principle is that everything is easily found at the grocery store is out and focus on new and refined is. Let’s take the classic example of the cake: the brand standard is readily available, appreciable by the recipient and also has a low to medium quality. Quite the opposite of a good cake artisan, maybe even stuffed, A real treat food enjoyed by all.

06. The personalized gift –

Up to some time ago the gift was the gift of classic directors office to its employees or business partners. Today it has become less and less a gift formal and more of a useful thing to customize. We avoid the baskets ready with food, complimentary cosmetic or otherwise. Mix the cards on the table and buy the individual components of gift, tending to family needs addressed. Love sweets? Box filled cookies decorated tin, jars of honey and jams, bottle of orgeat or almond milk. They have small children? Enter a play, a stuffed toy or a bib.

07. Gift certificates and smart box –

ask us if we are nice and we will not! If only because it is just fine gifts, because the recipient is aware of the amount loss of course, this kind of gift we handle many problems on a practical level: space-saving, spending some, low margin of error ( in the end is who gets to choose ) but do you think this is really the last resort. Nobody likes to receive a gift so little thought.

08. The importance of packaging –

Do not forget that the eye wants its part even before discarding the packet. For this reason it is worth spending a bit ‘ of energy in the choice of a beautiful gift card, bows and ribbons to match, perhaps in the favorite colors of the recipient. In this regard, before you try to remove from the packaging wrap any price, stickers, glue traces or spots. Strange to say, but the “cleansing” of the object is the first thing that is noticed!

09. Always note attached –

A greetings card in almost all cases it increases the level of satisfaction of the gift. First of all it must be said that etiquette is to make gifts accompanied by two lines of the sender, so the recipient knows who to thank and for whatever. Secondly lose a few minutes to write a nice thought is always a gesture much appreciated. So how prized tickets are decorated house, very original and very personal: how not to love these little attacks of art?

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