Top 10 Beauty Ideas in Start Complexion


Beauty ideas are as common as snow in March this year. They come from our grandmothers, our friends who do not stay long at this rate, stars or even some magazines. Multiply scrubs to remove excess sebum, combine the detox cures or white nails with hydrogen peroxide …an update.

Before thinking care fire or lifting with her own blood, beauty professionals should first address these misconceptions that haunt the bathrooms of the French.

Beauty ideas

Best Of The Best Beauty Ideas 2018

1. One sees many women test the shade of their skin product on top of the hand. However, the skin on our face is not at all the same color as our hands. So start all disasters orange complexion. It is more accurate to observe the color of the jaw.

2. In contrast, abuse of dietary supplements may also be harmful. Excess vitamin E, for example, can cause cancer of the prostate. The best is to be a balance that we need in particular through a varied diet.

3. Beauty ideas leave on a mask too long. One might think that the more we put our mask leaves, the better it is, after all, it works with the battery but it is such a good idea. In fact, especially with clay, this is the opposite effect will occur. Our skin will be drier and she will feel attacked. Her response will be immediate, and to protect, it will produce a greater amount of sebum, the oily skin us!

4. Overzealous during the scrub. The same effects are to be expected when using the wrong scrub. Used too frequently or applied with too much force, the fat from the skin will be affected and excessive sebum production is expected.

5. Put perfume on wrists and rub. We have seen enough gesture to assimilate experiences from our first perfumes. However, this small gesture greatly impairs agreements breaking molecules. Not the best way, therefore to actually feel all the components of our favorite juice.

6. The addition of material in a beauty product. Now add oil in a mascara remover or varnish in a never saved our favorite makeup. In contrast, hello does not matter for the first and for the second pasty texture. As a bonus, you win some bacteria that can cause reactions on our skin.

Instead of saving the furniture is thrown!

7. The salad is not fattening of course, the salad is low in calories but it rarely eats lettuce alone and happily. The bill increases caloric quickly as soon as you add the ingredients like avocado and a sauce for example. The balsamic vinegar and cheese 0% have side while olive oil or mayonnaise to weigh down considerably. It is better; therefore, sometimes opt for a balanced meal rather than a false light salad especially Caesar with cream and Parmesan.

8. White nails with hydrogen peroxide. We’ve heard this advice due to slightly yellowing nails. Thus, it is better to prefer products that are less abrasive to the problem at source such as varnish specially designed for example these beauty ideas.

9. Baby shampoo some believe that mild shampoo will regulate excess sebum their capillary caregiver. Mistake, however, the formulation of shampoos baby is worked to nourish and lubricate the hair dry and often for our toddlers. The result will be a scalp fatter and more difficult to treat. When you have this problem, it is better to use shampoos and special care for our hair type.

10. Drill buttons. Let the end the little compulsive behavior which was all. In each case, it is the same thing, we are persuaded that this button will be short-lived and after two days, it is still there. It is at this point that we forget all rules of practice and we decided to kill him to get rid of. Therefore, it is a weapon of patience and a good corrective anti-redness and expected her to go by itself.

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