The Beauty Secrets Of the ‘Iron Lady’ Margaret Thatcher


Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is not only seen as a symbol of fashion but also a symbol of the beauty world.

The Beauty Secrets Of the 'Iron Lady' Margaret Thatcher 2

In a rare interview with the TV channel TV-am (1984) and The Sun (1979), “Iron Lady” has shared interesting facts about her beauty regime. Margaret Thatcher once said: “It’s ridiculous if someone says that smart women are not beautiful. Between brains and beauty do not have any genetic link at all. Most women are much more intelligent what other people think about them. ”

Indeed, the most powerful woman of the world as well as the principle of fashion beauty admirable.

The Beauty Secrets Of the 'Iron Lady' Margaret Thatcher 1

First, Margaret Thatcher monitored very closely measure their weight: “I try to eat very little. Every breakfast I usually only drink a little coffee and milk. Sometimes I also eat chocolate., But always I also remember a thing that is not ‘spoil’ themselves if not your waistline will become a bigger “.

Mode her skin care is also a way to comply with the principle: “From when I was in teen age, I was interested in skin care. Whether tired or home late, I will never forget bleach page, wash your face and then apply moisturizer. Well I never use soap though my family very highly about it. ”

In addition, the “Iron Lady” reveals, in the pocket of her makeup kit is not always lack a dark lipstick but Margaret Thatcher never use nail polish ball.

However, remember that most people envision when the most powerful woman is England bob curly hair pushed backwards, revealing broad forehead. In a recent survey done by page, signature hairstyles of Margaret Thatcher was one of five influential hairstyles in the past 50 years.

“My hair is naturally brown but I dye my hair for years. Now it is grayed out” Margaret Thatcher shared.

Share on fashion elegant style, her classic, Mrs. Thatcher said: “Actually I only have two combinations repeated every map one is the classic skirt suit and two variations with the shirt’s great if your wardrobe with lots of beautiful style shirt. However, if you fly, you should wear a skirt and closely associated with gown. When you were plane, take off her coat and put it back to the plane. You will not see any creases at all. ”

The Beauty Secrets Of the 'Iron Lady' Margaret Thatcher

And a more original fashion associated with Margaret Thatcher that she is, she must be dressed by the week: “Just another day total Tuenti certain dress will have a surprise guest visit.”

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