The Classic Mistakes When Losing Weight


It would be wrong to force yourself to practice. these skills do not match. so you’re more likely to feel depressed, stressed and give up.

You start the diet for some time and still do not see results. Does your method something is not right?

Same point to common mistakes made diet weight loss success. Try to have reasonable adjustments!

The Classic Mistakes When Losing Weight

Mistake 1: Eating Fat Makes You Fat

Eating the right kind of fat does not make you fat this is a fact proven by a recent study in The Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition (Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition).

To add to your diet high in omega-3 in fish oil. you can significantly reduce the amount of fat in the body, nutrition consultant Lorraine Perretta shared. EPA and DHA the omega-3 components are able to prevent the production of body fat.

When choosing first class food. you are giving your body the nutrients of higher quality. which makes you less junk food and feel more satisfied.

Mistake 2: Practice The Skills Mismatch

It would be wrong to force yourself to practice these skills do not match, so you’re more likely to feel depressed, stressed and give up. The advice of the experts is to find joy in physical education, just your effort and see the results every day to get motivated for a long training process. More tips choose the right practice.

Mistake 3: Not Measured Calories Tolerated

It seems a bit classic but if you want to diet, this is still the most effective way. If you do not count calories, you will not have any concept of all the energy you need to load to consume in a day. Keep a food journal and counting calories to know exactly that you are at any rate.

Actually no need to cut anything out of your diet to lose weight – you just need to be aware of your calorie intake and calorie consumption. Eat more fruits, vegetables, lean protein. Specifically to maintain your diet long term, take the amount of calories, 200 calories for example, your favorite dishes, such as ice cream or chocolate.

Mistake 4: Running With an Empty Stomach Will Burn More Fat

Did you know that your blood sugar and carbohydrate levels in the low down after a night of fasting? So exercise with an empty stomach still is like trying to run the car without petrol.

You need carbohydrate in your body to start the “engine” and keep it strong activity to burn more calories. To supplement carbohydrate, you can drink a glass of fruit juice, yoghurt or dried fruit. It will help you reduce hunger before exercise and curb overeating.

Mistake 5: Faster Is Better

If you are a bunny “addicted” to a treadmill, you should pay attention not to her overtraining. Unacceptably long with high speed on the lactate threshold – a medium intensity at which the body begins producing lactic acid – may actually bring adverse effects to the body & Better that you should practice regularly with moderate intensity and distribution instead of trying to run as fast as I could.

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