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Make Curls With Curling Iron – Helpful Tips & Instructions For Success

Curly hair looks incredibly beautiful and feminine and is among the most popular hairstyles. Especially fast and easy you get beautiful curls with a curling iron.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind so that you can make perfect curls with a curling iron and keep it that way for a long time. But with our tips, you will definitely achieve success.

Curls With Curling Iron – Tips For Success

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Tips for curling with curling iron are many. So there are different techniques with which you can transform the hair into beautiful curls.

All in all, the curls with a curling iron but are quick and easy and are suitable even for beginners very well.

Types Of Curls With Curling Iron

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With the aid of the curling iron, you can make small corkscrew curls as well as large curls or gentle waves. It all depends on what kind of curling iron you use. For large curls and the curling iron should have a large diameter.

You get small curls again with a thin curling iron. If you prefer waves instead of curling with a curling iron, use a medium to large stick and comb through the hair at the end.

Curling With Curling Iron – How Do You Last Longer?

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To keep the curls with curling iron long, you can of course resort to the hairspray.

However, bear in mind that those who have long, heavy hair and naturally very straight hair naturally will not enjoy the curls for long with these products.

In this case, you can help with a few steps in the hair, which make the hair easier. It also helps to take the curled strands the same and still curled from the rod and fix with a clamp. If the strand cools out in this way, the curl lasts longer.

Hair Curls With Curling Iron

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When using the curling iron, keep in mind that there are different techniques that make each curl look different. You can see a comparison in the picture above. Divide the hair into 5 cm strands. Then wrap these strands either as wide as you are around the bar or you twirl the strand before.

How Do I Make Curls With A Curling Iron

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Divide the hair. Put on the topcoat and start with the under hair. Then slowly work your way up from below, taking new strands out of the raised part. The strands can screw inwards and outwards. That depends on the result you want. Especially with the strands that frame the face, you should think twice.

Curling Iron Hairstyles – Instructions To Imitate

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Depending on how you want the curls, you also hold the curling iron.

You can twist the upper part of the curls with a curling iron and leave the tips smooth for the popular surfer look. The upper part of the hair stays smooth, while only the tips are screwed in.

Screw-In Long Hair

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This guide is an example of the second variant. The area at the head remains smooth. At the bottom, the hair becomes wavy. After you’re done curling with a curling iron. (comb or brush) Your hair roughly to make the stringy look disappear. A wide-combed comb is perfect because it does not comb out the curls immediately.

Common Mistakes

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Use the curling iron as well as the flat iron only with dry hair. This also helps to keep the curls longer. Underestimate under no circumstances the heat protection.

Despite this, use the curling iron as rarely as possible, especially if you have split hair. Also, do not hold the wand in the hair too long, being careful not to burn yourself.

Shiny Curls

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So that the curls shine nicely in the end and do not look too frizzy, you can knead hair wax into your hair. Since this product makes the hair but heavier, you should use only a small amount. Rub the wax between the palms and knead it into the hair. In this way, you additionally fix the curls with a curling iron.

Curls With Curling Iron – Instructions For Retro Waves

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If you use hairspray for fixing and you are still inexperienced with this product, it is best to first use a lower degree of hold. Otherwise, you risk ruining the pretty hairstyle and making it sticky. When spraying, keep a distance of at least 20 cm and spray from bottom to top.

Make Waves With Curling Iron

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After each layer of curls, you can spray some hair lacquer into the hair to quickly fix the curls. Finally, you have to assess for yourself whether the hair must be combed through.

That depends on your hair structure. Sometimes it is enough to simply run your fingers through your hair after curling with the curling iron.

Corkscrews Make Curls

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The thinner the curling iron and the strands, the finer the curls will be. See what volume can be turned into straight hair with the right technique and curling iron! However, the perfect look is only achieved after combing, whether with a comb, brush or fingers.

Hold Curling Iron Horizontally

In this curling ironing instruction, the stick is held horizontally to the head. This is usually a matter of comfort and habit. The entire strand is twirled here and then completely wrapped around the rod. Wait a moment and then let the strand fall off the stick. Finally, comb through again. Finished!

Attractive Waves With Wide Strands

Instead of twirling the strands, you will be curled around the rod with this curling iron idea. The result, depending on the hair type wavy hairstyles, for the most no combing is more necessary. But at the end of the day, that’s best appreciated. Fix the hairstyle and then you can present the new hairstyle.

Make Curls With Curling Iron

The curling iron for large curls should, as already mentioned, have a large diameter. In these instructions for curling with a curling iron, you can also see how you can fix the still hot curls in the rolled-up form with clamps on the head. You can also use this technique for fixation with smaller curling irons. Allow the hair to cool for a while, remove the clamps and run through the hair a few times.

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