Curly Hairstyles – The Elegant Hairstyles To Be Trendy For 2021


Curly Hairstyles – Cuts And Styling Ideas For All Types Of Curls

Where do the curls come from? Most people believe that it has to do with genetics, and while that’s partly true, there can be other reasons. Much has to do with the shape of the follicle and the growth direction.

In curls, the hair follicle has an oval shape and the more parallel it is to the scalp, the denser the resulting hair. So if you are blessed with natural curls, you are right here. We have some nice hairstyle ideas that look great with curls!

Curly Hairstyles – What Type Of Curl Do You Have?

Curl Type Determine Curls Corkscrew

Before you decide on a haircut, you need to determine your curl type. There is a simple, widely used classification system. The number refers to curly families, while the letter from “a” to “c” indicates what the curls look like. Type 1 refers to straight hair; Type 2 refers to wavy hair, Type 3 to curly hair and Type 4 to curly hair.

Why Is It Important To Determine Your Curl Type?

Curl types are a good basis for your daily hair routine. So if you have ringlets, you should not waste time with too weak styling products. Or, conversely, if you have fine wavy hair, you should avoid products that make your curls heavier.

Although most products are not classified according to the numerical system, it helps if you know your type. The better you know your curls and their needs, the easier it will be to find the perfect styling products for your hair.

Nature Curly Hairstyles

Short Haircut Natural Curls Look Pixie Volume Upper Cop

The first prerequisite, so that the curls fall beautiful, is the right haircut. Basically, the shorter the hair, the more the curls jump. We show you some nice ideas for every hair length:

Short Haircut With Natural Curls

Short haircuts are super cute and currently very popular. There are so many styles to choose from and you can add color to enhance your cheeky look. Balayage staves can give a lot of texture to short curly hair. From adorable pixies to curly bobs – all this is stylish and a great solution for soft curls!

Julia Garner
Julia Garner  Naturlocken Bob Haircut

Bob cuts are extremely trendy and never seem to go out of style. Bob is a great way to tame these wild curls. If you want to add momentum to your strands, or if you want to thin out your thick curly hair, you can opt for a stepped bob. Steps are always a great way to revitalize your curls.

Medium Length Curly Hairstyles

Naturlocken Bob Stages Volume Balayage

Medium-length curly hair looks wonderfully natural, lively and casual and is very flattering to almost any face shape. Chin hair with curls is often not easy to tame, but that’s where the charm of this hairstyle lies. Even shoulder-length hair can conjure up beautiful updos!

Natural Curls With Pony Zendaya

If you think that pony does not go well with curls, we ask you to reconsider! Pony hairstyles are also making a huge comeback! Celebrities like Zendaya and Ella Eyre show how great a pony can look with medium-length curly hair.

Beautiful Hairstyles For Long, Curly Hair

Naturlocken Long Hair Step Cut

Sometimes dealing with long curly hair can seem difficult. But with a long haircut, natural curls can fully unfold their beauty. Let your natural curls flow! As simple as that!

In a step-cut so the steps should not be set too high up, otherwise the top coat curls too much. Something between the shoulder and chin, so in the middle of the neck would be optimal. In addition, a V-cut on long, curly hair looks wonderful.

Ideas For Curly Hairstyles

Naturlocken Hairstyles Round Face Space Buns

While curling nature can sometimes is a real challenge, there are plenty of ideas for updos to wear on a Bad Curl Day.

Space BunsTop knot Bandana hairstyle with fake pony Braids such as herringbone braid, cord, Dutch braid, etc.

Browse through our picture gallery and be inspired for your next hairstyle!

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