How to Remove Glitter Nail Colors After Holidays or Christmas Ocasion

How to remove glitter nail colors like everything that touches our precious lacquer is our new fad. Longer reserved for holidays or Christmas, we love all year round in different colors or as a top coat like fun graffiti Nail Inc. Example.

However, we will not lie a problem remains:

How to Remove Glitter Nail?

Christine Aguilar gives you two great tips that will change your evening’s manicures.

Flakes out of the closet! Many top coats are emerging to bring a little extra touch to our manicure. Fine particles or free colored cutouts, they are worn on every occasion to look out of the ordinary. However, we have all experienced the way of the cross to remove every little residue 15 cotton later ends often scraping the remains recalcitrant, the risk of damaging and weakening our fingernails.

How to remove glitter nail colors

One solution is simple; just draw the technique to remove the varnish semi-permanent. We therefore adopt the twists! We first soaked generously cotton preferably broad and square solvents. They are then placed well on the nail then covered with aluminum foil that is tied to the way a packet. Is left to stand five minutes during which we play the Edward Hands with money, and then removed gently. To do this, we do the same movement that frotttement to remove a conventional varnish and removed. Varnish and glitter do not last long and make weapons first pass!

Otherwise for the most versatile of the bottle like those that change all morning, there is another solution does not do it too often anyway & The depositing a thin layer of glue not aggressive on the nails before filing her nail. The next day removed as a patch in less than ten seconds. A handy tip when you have an important meeting at the office after a disco.

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