The Horoscope Lipstick Trend This Summer And Tip For Healthy And Beautiful Lips

See what will be the right color lipstick to adopt after your star sign to begin the summer while beauty and be good enough to eat.

Horoscope Lipstick


Both for the beautiful days for the nights and starry makeup you stick your lips with a plum color.

Horoscope Lipstick


The glossy cherry red will give you a mouth to chew and will give pep to your make up that you are so fond.

glossy cherry red Lipstick


The hot lipstick which remains one of the essential colors of the summer season will indeed be yours!

hot lipstick which remains


A pearly white you that your lips are colored soft, silky and slightly pearly.

lips are colored soft, silky and slightly pearly


You who love all that red burgundy and brown you opt for a mix of all that by giving you a lipstick eggplant.

red burgundy and brown lipstick


This is the transparent gloss that you leave your bag to hand being sure it will go with any outfit!

transparent gloss


you are native likes to be noticed and will not nothing but a red passion to impress.


You will not be afraid to wear a burgundy lipstick glamor to enhance your luscious lips…

 burgundy lipstick glamor to enhance your luscious lips...


You love pink and your lips shine. A glossy pink you ultra trend for summer 2013!


Beige and slightly glossy this is how you choose your shade of lipstick spring-summer.


You choose to venture on sunny days by wearing a fuchsia lipstick eighties pop way we will say!


The natural pink fits you like a glove both trendy and not too light just as you love makeup.

Horoscope Lipstick Tip For Healthy And Beautiful Lips

Have healthy lips are the dream of all women. A healthy mouth will add to the natural beauty of women.

Want to have a healthy mouth? Read these tips:

1. To keep your lips healthy use shades of lipstick natural type of cream or gloss that contains a moisturizer, UV protective, and vitamin E to prevent and treat dry lips.

2. To help you appear healthier and more beautiful choose a type of lipstick and moisturizer with natural shades that match your skin.
If you want a stylish and modern look choose a lipstick that offers shades of gloss and also contains natural ingredients required to lips as protective UV (SPF 15), Vitamin E, Aloe Vera Oil Jojoba.

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