The Hunger Games 3 Movie Trailer of the Film Magazine Covers of Capitol Couture


The Hunger Games 3 Movie is not released until November 2014, but we already have a taste of this album with the magazine teaser Capitol Couture and Johanna Mason cover

If we have already seen pictures of the filming of The Hunger Games 3 Jennifer Lawrence with Liam Hemsworth in battle dress, it is now an official teaser that we discover and production does not fail to surprise us. Far from contact of a conventional broadcast a short clip of the film, we discover spots as propaganda of the Capitol, the army faced by the heroine of the film. We discover the Capitol Couture, the equivalent of Vogue in the fictional world of the story. First page of this magazine online fashion, Johanna Mason, a character caught by the authorities, poses pristine white outfit.

The Hunger Games 3 Movie Trailer of the Film

The Hunger Games 3 Johanna Mason on the cover of Capitol Couture, the Trailer Of the Film Magazine

While we appreciate this teaser for the least original and allows us to go immediately into the world of the saga, as fashionistas is of course on holding Johanna Mason we stopped us. The pretty blonde wears a dress that perfectly blends the modernity of the world of the novel with the traditional evening gown illustrated by the drape. What makes this dress also is in modern cuts and the structure of the room, open front and indented to represent the sign of Panem, the world in which to place the Hunger Games, chest Johanna. Propaganda forces. The fun bonuses of holding are the shoes worn by the character, signed Alexander Wang, a kind of amusing anachronism.

3 Hunger Games of the Film Magazine Covers white gown, traditional evening gown, shoes signed Alexander Wang

We wait to see the next extravagant looks filming The Hunger Games 3 and of course the film. This teaser we put water in the mouth and we are sure to find a selection of looks crazy and magical in the third installment of the saga. For this, we need to wait until November 2014. Meanwhile it remains for us to wait quietly consoling us with teasers and following the news of the characters on the Capitol Capitol Couture site.

Photos Source By Capitol Couture

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