The Importance Of Endurance Exercise Give Advice On The Subject


Within the different fitness routines are the resistance exercises, which may vary depending on the goals, constraints and needs of the person who performed. Then we clarify some doubts and give advice on the subject.

First, the resistance exercises seek to enhance the ability of our body to perform physical activity for as long as possible and optimally.

The Importance Of Endurance Exercise Give Advice On The Subject

However, they also help improve the physical condition in general, since they add muscle mass and, therefore, protect the joints and optimize the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Therefore, they are divided into two groups:

  • – Training to improve aerobic endurance.
  • – Anaerobic workouts.

The first require the use of oxygen to the muscle perform the effort is being asked, why it is called aerobic. Such actions promote the elimination of calories and over time, the fat accumulated in the body. It also lowers cholesterol and blood glucose (blood sugar).

A great example of this type of exercise is running. As you may have noticed, you require to breathe more and more and you can go further and longer. This is because your respiratory system and your heart better.

Then, aerobic exercises (resistance), are to use as many muscles or groups of them for as long as possible. As far as swimming, jogging, cycling and dancing they are also great ways to maintain and improve fitness.

On the other hand, there are resistance exercises anaerobic, which are those that do not require oxygen to the muscle to achieve them. This is because they are no longer required and only “force”, such as weight lifting.

While such moves can not be considered “resistance” it is important to exercise each muscle group to generate better and more muscle mass, which-over time will help to achieve greater efficiency in the “aerobic routine.”

In addition, these routines help us burn more calories because muscle requires “recover” the effort so that at rest the “fuel” is spent. Consequently, it is necessary to perform both types of exercise to stay healthy.

As divided into two major groups, we give some examples of each:

Aerobic movements: running and jogging (either outdoors or in fitness equipment) skiing, swimming, dancing, playing tennis or ping pong, aerobics and cycling (if outdoors, not only will exercise you, but you will have very good). All these must be done for a time not less than thirty minutes, three times a week at least.

Anaerobic movements: lifting weights, sit-ups, push-ups, squats, running at full speed and short distance, among others.

It is also important to remember that every time you want to start an exercise routine or should a medical checkup, as sedentary people may be injured or worsen any pre-existing condition if you start without revision.

On the other hand, resistance exercises require constant hydration, since much fluid is lost when large muscle groups are exercised. In this sense, citrus helps much, since they help prevent muscle spasms or cramps.

Also, consult a specialist (personal trainer, for example), will give us a great guide, and we can have limitations. For example, a very overweight person can view your joints resentful if it gets to run overnight because the impact that occurs when touching the ground is very strong. Thus, they may be recommended water exercise, elliptical or bike.

Finally, no exercise will if you do not follow a balanced diet and healthy to help us not only to lose weight but to be healthy and feel better.

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