Tips To Help Make The Kitchen Better Room In the House


How to decorate the kitchen in the summer? Let’s give some valuable kitchen decoration tips, taken from observations of the most cheerful Europeans citizens of Italy.

It is no secret, that the kitchen – one of the most important places in the house. This is where most of the family gathers around the table, and the guest is a popular place for gatherings and discussing the latest news. Therefore, we all want to see the kitchen is not only functional, but stylish and comfortable. This is especially significant in the summer becomes: so want to catch the sun’s heat , add more color to life , air , nature , and the space of the house to make brighter and more positive.

Kitchen Better Room In the House

We believe that comfort can be created in any room in the house, especially the kitchen. We found some simple and effective ways to transform the kitchen and make it in bright daylight.

Going to the kitchen any Italian, you’ll find out there with pots of herbs. Without them, I do not really do any one mistress of the peninsula. Basil, oregano, savory, thyme, arugula – are just a few of the, which can be seen in the home kitchen “gardens”. Take their example! After all, this is not only the greens will fill the kitchen of summer freshness, but also add to the interior comfort.

We will need:

  • The ground for garden plants;
  • Seeds;
  • Stylish wooden boxes: You can leave a natural shade, and can be painted in the color of the kitchen. Let children help you or a loved one – to be fun!

Just a few weeks – and you in the kitchen is fresh, fragrant herbs, which can also be used in the process of cooking your favorite dishes!

Pleasant trifles

Today it is fashionable to make out the kitchen in the style of minimalism, but do not overlook the details of the interior. After all, they give space personality, emphasize character traits hostess, her taste, style, inner peace – in other words, tell us a little bit about it you.

Unusual dolls and figurines bring charm and comfort, a jar with olive oil and balsamic vinegar from Italy will talk about you as a connoisseur of haute cuisine, paintings and panels are handmade occasion to recall the pleasant moments of travel, slate, on which you can write with chalk, save lovely morning message your friends – any of these parts are harmoniously fit into the space. Be creative! However, the choice of such details should be taken with care, so as not to clutter the room: pieces should not be much.

Accents using utensils

Change in the kitchen all at once – not an easy task, require a lot of effort, time and investment. Surely someone has already planned to repaint the walls, someone decided to start with the selection of furniture … But something that can be changed quickly and now.

Start changing the interior of the kitchen with utensils referring again to the experience of Italy – trendsetter and the citadel of advanced design. On the sunny peninsula cookware has long been not just a helper in cooking, but also a full-fledged striking piece of furniture. All kinds of frying pans, pots, woks, pancake makers can be not only functional, but also very beautiful and fashionable. One of the Italian manufacturers of cookware, even collaborating with well-known designers in the world, to take into account not only technological innovation of coatings, but also constantly changing style, Pay attention to the idea of TVS for example, for colored pans Hook Collection. They worked for the company world famous designer Karim Rashid. The collection combines bright lime stylish hook. So when the dishes are not needed, it hangs on a crossbeam on a special wall.

Natura Collection with wooden handles designed by designer Marco Della Torre for those, who appreciate the details of the nature of the interior.

Glamour, glitz and glamor will bring to the kitchen frying pan, coating which resembles diamond facets and shimmer, by the way, as well. Your guests will be thrilled: this they have never seen before!

Think about the design – it means to exercise curiosity and attention to, it would seem, ordinary things. And it is these little things fill our lives with joy. Do not be afraid to skillfully combine items and make your kitchen an extraordinary, vivid, personal, emotional. And most importantly – it is yours!

Photos Source By Ekaterina Morgunov

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