The Light Lasagna Recipe Carnival For Those Who Follow The Diet

The Light Lasagna Recipe Carnival For Those Who Follow The Diet
The Light Lasagna Recipe Carnival For Those Who Follow The Diet

The lasagna Carnival are a delicious dish typical Neapolitan who unfortunately is also very caloric. Let’s see a light version is also suitable for those on a diet

The lasagna Carnival of the Neapolitan tradition are anything but a light dish … well, let’s say that this is a first course or rather of a single dish rich and delicious a real recipe of the festival. It ‘ also one of the few non sweet dishes associated with Carnival.

The original recipe calls for seasoning the meat sauce with the addition of rich Neapolitan meatballs fresh cheeses salami and even hard boiled eggs. As you can imagine, make this recipe something even vaguely diet is difficult. Let’s see how to detect them.

Therefore, we have discovered on the internet that is returning a lighter version in the preparation of the meat sauce and seasoning, egg-free sausages and salami (which are present in the original version). In addition, we will use for the pasta instead of egg lasagna one size “dry” well loved in Naples for a version of lasagna Carnival closer to the idea of pie, queens.The Light Lasagna Recipe Carnival For Those Who Follow The Diet

These are large fettuccine with curled edge which is boiled in water and then normally distributed in layers in the pan as explained by the sympathetic Anna Moroni in the attached.

Here’s how to prepare the sauce and the meatballs to the sauce.
Ingredients for the sauce with the recipe here:

1. 500 g turbot veal stew
2. 500 g of pork ribs
3. 2 liters of tomato sauce
4. 1 small onion, finely chopped
5. Extra virgin olive oil
6. Basil
7. Red wine for blending

The Neapolitan ragout provides a long cooking meat at low heat but to further lighten our recipe we can make a simple tomato sauce and basil. What you definitely can not miss the lasagna Carnival is the meatballs.

Here are the ingredients

1. 500 grams of lean ground beef
2. 150g stale bread softened in water wrung
3. 1 egg (or 2 small )
4. 50 g of grated parmesan cheese type
5. Salt and pepper q.b.
6. Nutmeg

Mix all ingredients and form the meatballs so that they are small (but not too much) and all the same. The original version expected to be fried in peanut oil but to make them more read you can cook in a pan or in the oven. The filling of the lasagna also includes cheeses, including smoked cheese (500 g diced), the ricotta worked with a little ‘ meat sauce and 200 g of diced smoked cheese ever.

In addition, you should also add the grated parmesan or cochineal. You can reduce calories while also reducing the amount of cheese or for example, eliminating someone. If you use only the fat ricotta and parmesan recipe you will surely have a much lighter. To prepare the dish you have to take a baking dish and alternate layers of queens already boiled with tomato sauce meatballs and cheese. The last layer is only with pasta sauce and parmesan cheese. Bake at 180 degrees for about 30-40 minutes until the form a delicious crispy crust. This tasty dish is traditionally offered for lunch on the Thursday before Lent.

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