The Light Menu for Valentine’s Day to Those Who Follow a Diet


Valentine’s Day to Those Who Follow a Diet

For those who are not on a diet it is impossible to enjoy a delicious dinner by candlelight with your partner for Valentine’s Day. Here are some ideas for a light menu

Let’s say you’re planning a nice dinner for the evening of Valentine’s Day, and let’s say that the menu you can decide for yourself and finally, we assume that you are also on a diet. Can latter factor, stop you from enjoying as well as the company of your partner, even for good food, expertly cooked and maybe washed down with a good glass of wine?

The question is rhetorical and the answer goes without saying. However, given that you are really on a diet (diet) and it’s for you “dangerous” to leave groped over the goodies that are often part of the typical Valentine’s menu, you can avoid the excessive calories without sacrificing taste.

The Light Menu for Valentine's Day to Those Who Follow a Diet

A light menu is in fact not necessarily less exquisite, whether or not refined, compared to a “rich” indeed! Many aphrodisiac foods are low in calories and if properly combined, they can go to make delicious dishes but read. Not to mention that if the idea is to spend a romantic evening, yes but that will end with dignity under the sheets, then it is much better not to exceed with treats and libations… right? Here for you two possible complete menus but low in calories, sea and land, perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Seafood Menu:

  • Appetizer: octopus carpaccio topped with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, sliced celery and pink peppercorns
  • First, spicy spaghetti marinara with anchovies and capers (no garlic! )
  • Second, baked prawns with spicy citrus sauce
  • Garnish: raw fennel orange salad and sliced thin
  • Dessert: Fresh fruit skewers
  • Overview of land:
  • Appetizer: bresaola and winter melon
  • First: risotto with artichokes light (without butter and parmesan)
  • Second: baked turkey in orange sauce and cinnamon
  • Side dish: grilled radicchio
  • Sweet: cubes of fresh pineapple dipped in melted chocolate extra fondant

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