Wedding Dresses 2018 + Romantic Lace-Tulle Combination Look


After Bridal Week held in the US, we now know the wedding dresses trends of the 2018 season! The white wedding dress will be, you can imagine, in the spotlight this year, but be careful not to release foam.

In 2018 wedding Dresses Trends Program?

Neckline in the back, lace, thin straps and shoulder developed. Laure Sagazan, Elise Hameau Pronuptia or Pronovias Creatives all more sublime than each other!

Quickly discover our favorite wedding dresses 2018!

Once Jules made her request, with a beautiful ring in the key, of course, one must already have the reflex: the wedding dress.

And if there has something complicated is to find the dress of her dreams…
One that will put us in value, while being in trend.

It difficult to choose among the many models offered by major retailers, but also creating small going up!

As we have seen during Bridal Week in Manhattan (read “the week of the bride”), the trends 2018 wedding dresses are sublime, this year.

Bride Wedding Dresses 2018: the tendency of big neckline in the back.

Elegance and excellence by refinement, the heavily indented wedding dresses models in the back are in the spotlight this year.

The trend of top and skirt separated to marry

Sometimes we fall on top of a dress without appreciating down. Fashioned was a favorite on the bottom of a dress without love up. In 2018, this does not happen to you. The revolution is in progress!

Choose a top and skirt separately: result? A set that looks just like a dress. The advantages of an odd more…

To put the finishing touches on this whole retro look, go for the crown braid as a wedding hairstyle. Guaranteed romanticism…

The trend of lace wedding again and again

This year, the lace wedding dress is the absolute star of the wedding season. The chic detail of the year? Lace-tulle combination that gives airy looks so romantic…

Far, far away from the pie a little tulle 90s, this material is lighter and femininity. Combined with the lace so appreciated the pretty brides: it caused a sensation.

The tendency of thin straps in 2018

The wedding next year will love the light materials such as air and thin straps, which can be guessed more than they see themselves. She cracks, among others, for the beautiful model Rime Arodaky wedding dress.

This combines all the pretty trends of the season: a fluid material that hugs the body like a second skin, and fine ultra feminine ties. We love!

Bride Wedding Dresses 2018: the tendency of Cold Shoulder

Obviously, even if still a lot of models are biased to the strapless wedding dresses, in 2018, it is noted that neckline dresses Brigitte Bardot or tightened at the neck are also on the front of the stage.

Dare trend bridal shoes and lightly colored to complete this angelic look. Result? You are sublime.

Quickly discover the best 2018 wedding dresses we selected you.

>> Which is your favorite?


9. Romantic Wedding Dress

A romantic wedding dress travels book price on request


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