The Most Common Weight Loss Mistakes How To Avoid

Does Losing Weight Help Get Rid Of Cellulite Before After
Does Losing Weight Help Get Rid Of Cellulite Before After

Weight loss mistakes now in spring and we are counting the days before the start of the bathing season. The desire to meet summer in ideal physical shape, having forgotten about cellulite, leads to the fact that we often lose our common sense and forget about health in the fight for beauty. It is worth paying attention to the basic rules of healthy weight loss.

Below you will find the most common weight loss mistakes and how to avoid them.

Fast Weight Loss

Green Tea and Cocktails for Weight Loss and Probably in ExcessIt seems that to lose weight in 10 days by 15 pounds – it’s easy, you just stop eating or eat for half-an apple a day, washed down with a liter of green tea and cocktails for weight loss. Yes, indeed, you could if you really try to get rid of the hated kilograms but there is a big but as soon as the diet is over, your lost weight back and probably in excess.

Read more about the mechanism of rapid weight loss, when you severely limit the intake of calories, your body thinks that it is time of hunger and it is not clear when it will end. The first will be spent most affordable supplies of energy – muscle fibers. Muscle harder fat and 1 kg of muscle – a much smaller volume than 1 kg of fat. Consequently, the weight starts to go rapidly and the arrow on the scale moves downward and you’re happy! But it takes muscle mass and fat is, I mean cellulite.

This would cause severe future weight gain as substantially slowing all metabolic processes in the body – 1 kg of muscle spends several times more calories than 1 kg of fat and calories in humans in reserve is stored as fat in certain areas & Women more often on the thighs. You should not believe the promises of nutritionists that you get thin without being affected by 15 pounds in 10 days. It does not happen.

Solution: do not lose more than 4 pounds per month while adhering to a balanced diet in your diet every day to be present proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Weight Loss Mistakes

Excessive Exercise

Too fierce desire to lose too much you can give the impression that you need to devote more effort and almost every day to work in the health club and gym but no, it’s not worth doing & You only bismuthal themselves and their bodies in the pursuit of the perfect tummy.

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Solution: If you already play sports and have a certain base, it is enough to increase the load by 20-25%. If you’re new to the sport, it is necessary to start, gradually increasing speed. That is, in the first month of the sport dedicate two days a week, the second – three days a week and already the third – you can safely afford to four workouts per week.

So, gradually increasing physical activity, your body will gradually get used to and you feel like you will become stronger, leaner and fitter and do not forget about good nutrition is a third success!

Disclaimer of Liquid

As you know there are lots of ways to lose weight using a variety of teas diuretic, diuretics and so on. It is true that you get thin, while you will use them but as soon as the stop will be held for two days, you drink a couple of liters of water and everything will return to the place but you have to make fun of your gastrointestinal tract and kidneys, excessively burdening their work.

In addition, losing weight with diuretics, the body has time to absorb all the nutrients, vitamins and microelements from flowing food. As a result, it may spoil the appearance of nails, hair and skin.

Solution: Drink lots of water. Every day you should drink 2-2.5 liters of pure non-carbonated water, no tea / juice / coffee, namely pure water. About 1 cup an hour and a half and Get into the habit of drinking on an empty stomach 300 g of warm water: it will awaken the body after a dream and start your metabolism. For the first time, maybe you’ll feel a water balloon with a bloated stomach but it is only from habit to consume enough fluids properly. After 3-4 days it will be held as the kidneys and liver are working in normal mode without overloading.

For a correct diet in a healthy way you simply follow these three simple rules weight loss mistakes. You will see the result in 2-3 weeks.

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