The Natural Style of The Bride For Their Wedding Hairstyle And Natural Makeup


Natural style at its true value, that’s what many dream wedding. Many brides are actually asking me for their wedding a hairstyle and natural makeup as discreet as possible.

The Natural Style of The Bride For Their Wedding a Hairstyle And Natural Makeup

To this I say that something wants a natural style and the other is to try to play the card 100% natural. Have the same hairstyle to go to the supermarket at the office or at your wedding, it is still not the same thing! It would not be logical that you go to the supermarket with high heels and a wedding dress. Similarly it would be illogical to go to your wedding hair and makeup as if you were at the supermarket.

On several occasions, looking at wedding photos, I found that holding the makeup of the guests was better…

The Bride Must Be Natural

We naturally can not compare a smoky makeup invited in black tones with the makeup of a bride but this is not because we put on makeup based on tones that must miss quality products and specific. Your skin needs to shine but not too throughout the day.
Makeup “natural” is not confined to ask a base and use a spell. Makeup should seek facial asymmetries and play with areas of light and shadow to create more or less intensity on the cheekbones for satin areas and opaque in others with it you will be sure to have the best wedding photos!

The hairstyle should illuminate the face of the bride and give a touch of freshness. The hair down why not but not completely Think of your hair after 2 hours of cocktail … The hair down is perfect for a lunch with a small group or for a dinner with friends but not for your wedding hairstyle 2013.

So ladies, be natural for D-Day believe me you need to use good products and a little hair lacquer to prevent catastrophe Want to know more about bridal makeup trends in 2013? The no make-up look caused a sensation in 2013 … Especially share your comments and good addresses on the forum!

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