The New Snow Cosmetics And Lily Lolo Mineral Makeup For Lovers

 The New Snow Cosmetics And Lily Lolo Mineral Makeup For Lovers
The New Snow Cosmetics And Lily Lolo Mineral Makeup For Lovers

Lily Lolo completely revamped the packaging of its products mineral makeup, while Snow Cosmetics responds with the launch of a brand new body lotion. Curious to know more? Then take a look here.

A few days ago Snow Cosmetics had surprised her regular clients of mineral makeup on the market by launching a brand new product that did not fall into the category of decorative cosmetics and in that of skin care and body care precisely. In response Lily Lolo has started a countdown on her website that she did all intrigue and today has finally revealed the news that she had concealed so thickly.

And we depart from here. The well known British brand of mineral make up she wanted to completely revamp the packaging of their products including the abandonment of the old logo with the double Elle braided. So the cosmetics always dressed in a seductive black and white screen printed with the name of the brand for extended divided by a four leaf clover with hearts.The New Snow Cosmetics And Lily Lolo Mineral Makeup For Lovers

Who was hoping for a conversion totally vegan brand will perhaps was a little’ disappointed in fact lanolin wax and dye carmine are always present in lipsticks, blush and lip gloss (carmine not all but basically in the red and rosé). However, waiting for the turnaround to happen they can at least vegan feast her eyes with the new look of the products and of course buy and use other cosmetics brand that instead do not use anything derived from animals.

The brand Snow Cosmetics, by contrast has not focused on the wrappers of the jar but has just launched a new product its fragrant cream Gianduiosa a soft body lotion made from cocoa butter and hazelnut oil just the basic ingredients of delicious chocolates from Turin and after the birth of Snow is Piemontese so we found a nice one seems to be inspired by the traditional sweets of your region to create a product that promises to take care of the softness of the skin.

Network are wasted in the reviews on this treat for the body organic as suggested by Snow, not only to eat but to spread. We Shelookbook however we discovered a Photo on Youtube that we have much explanatory embeddato and shared at the beginning of the post.

So, what do you think of this news? Tickle your curiosity or you expected something juicier? Tell us about your impressions; we are curious to know yours.

Photos Source By Facebook – Lily Lolo

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