The Passover 2014 Celebrations and History Review


The Passover celebrates the God who has freed from slavery in Egypt. It is the most important festival in absolute and is the one from which they originated is both the Orthodox Christian Easter.

The Passover Easter is the most important because it is the one from which all the others originate. This feast was created to celebrate the liberation from slavery in Egypt and especially the freedom to serve God Pesach (the Hebrew word translated into Italian as “pass”) lasts a good eight days (seven only to Israel) and 14 falls in the month of Nisan (March-April) and can fall on any day of the year.

Passover 2014 Celebrations and History Review

The difference between the Jewish Passover and the Catholic is that Passover commemorates the Passion and death of Christ and Easter celebrates the Resurrection of Christ. Easter is celebrated as the God who liberated them and in the scriptures to better understand the origin of this holiday; you can read the following steps:

“On this night I will pass through Egypt and strike down every firstborn Egyptian to death, both among the peoples who among the cattle.”

And then, God invites the people of Israel, through Moses to mark the doors with the blood of the lamb:

“I see the blood, I will pass over, instead smite with my punishment the whole of Egypt and to you nothing will happen.”

And here that we learn for the first time the words will pass over you that are just for Pesach. Throughout the Easter period, the Jews from their tables eliminate the yeast. How so? A product is attributed to the significance of seed of corruption. The unleavened bread also reminds Jews during the flight did not have time to leaven their bread for this reason the faithful will eat for the duration of the festival.

During the celebration, you drink four cups of wine: one for the sanctification (qiddush), one for the deliverance from Egypt ( haggadah ) the conclusion of a meal and the last and one of the Hallel, the psalms of praise conclude that the celebration. During the Passover meal you consume bitter foods to remember slavery.

Since the Council of Nicaea which we have already appointed talking about Orthodox Easter, the Christian Passover does not coincide exactly Jewish. According to the Gospel, the day of Jesus’ death corresponds to that in which they sacrificed the lamb and is celebrated the first Passover Seder (the 14th of Nisan).

The Passover this year falls between April 15 and April 22.

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