The Secret Gold Makeup For Perfect Face on Wedding Day

Only the Gold makeup tip is very small but extremely important for you to own a perfect face on her wedding day. Absolutely not to be missed gold in the secret right here:

Pay Attention To Weather

In hot and humid tropical climate, the bride should pay attention to the weather before face makeup. For example, avoid using cosmetics unstable can be affected by sunlight and note the use of anti-greasy products as much as possible.

Hint: you can use the Clean & Clear product (approximately 100k) or cream of the mark as Faceshop, Bodyshop … have the effect of lightening the skin, mucus removal for your face before makeup.

The Secret Gold Makeup For The Bride-

Before the Trial Gold Makeup

You need to have a trial makeup session before shooting even tried before to adjust the most suitable type of makeup, the best on TV. You can look very pretty in the mirror but the camera can make you disappointed. Begin with light makeup style first, then you can more leisurely, rather than dark makeup will make you very difficult to remove the detergent.

Note: if you do your makeup style looks a bit more focus enough on the rouge lips and bright eyes.

Gold Makeup For The Bride-0


How to rouge your face looks smoother and softer? Normally face powder will give you the feeling very uncomfortable because they can be beaten too thick, not soft but grainy lithium facial skin of your face does not look natural.

The trick is to clean and moisturize your skin before makeup for them. Or you can use the cream products are oil-free symbols on the packaging itself. One of the best foundations you can refer to the Laura Mercier Oil-Free Foundation Primer.

Do not put your hand in direct contact with the skin surface

If you need rouge, use sponges dedicated makeup. If you need to draw the fill color lipstick or eye, use your palm. Your hands as little direct contact with your face as possible. The reason is that fingerprints can be left on your face.

Gold Makeup For The Bride-

Note: If you use a soft sponge to negotiate, use both hands instead of pulling them dotted along the horizontal (prohibited as too heavy-handed).

Select A Color For Eyeliner Eyebrows

Whether you intend to pen makeup for eyes water or emulsion is also indispensable an eyebrow pencil tree (eyebrow) for your face & one very important step that many brides often forget the makeup. This is really a step to help complete the look and finish the entire frame for the face. Some tips for choosing an eyebrow pencil tree really suits you is to look at their colors. The color of the pencil should be darker than the coat or 2 times brighter than your natural eyebrow color.

Use Lip Balm

Lip pencil box shape or form to help make lips soft and supple, more particularly against the rough and chapped lips. You can fill lip balm and lipstick first and then shaded. The most important point of this step is to help keep the color of the lipstick last longer.

Gold Makeup For The Bride

Here’s a little secret that helps you always have a lip to keep from drying out and the color of the lipstick is always stable.

Always Carry Belongings Makeup

If you do not have the makeup artist that separate themselves had nothing to charge her makeup for the job is essential, cannot forget. Towards the makeup tools needed in a small bag and take on the people. This bag is never the bride away.

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