The Secret to A Glowing Complexion


If the benefits of fruits and vegetables for health are proven, a team of researchers from the University of St Andrews UK, says they could also be a partner in beauty. These researchers are indeed concluded that increased consumption of fruits and vegetables could be the cause of improving skin tone and in a few weeks.

The Secret to A Glowing Complexion

The explanation for this phenomenon could stand in the presence fruits and vegetables in a red-orange pigment, carotenoids. It would suffice to take, according to Professor David Perrett, two additional servings of fruits and vegetables to observe a significant change after six weeks.

This study was conducted on 35 students, whose brightness was measured skin for 6 weeks. The point at which the circle was aware of the change was also taken into account. Those who increased their consumption actually received at the end of the experiment a brighter skin tone, while those who had had a small dull complexion at the beginning.

Responsible for the publication, Ross Whitehead said in a press release

“People eating more fruits and vegetables have a complexion” golden “, healthy and attractive. Our latest research shows that even small improvements in diet brought visible results. ‘

Perret added:

While skin color varies significantly around the world, we found similar effects in different ethnic groups. The results are valid for both Europeans and Asians, among others.

The team hopes that this promise of beauty leads to an improvement in eating habits and thus improving global health.

Physical appearance is a spring that has been widely used in other health campaigns, against alcoholism and smoking are supposed to accelerate aging. Obtain a benefit seen with consumption of fruits and vegetables could be an extra motivation to push many to adopt more appropriate food hygiene. But we will remind you enough for Fit next, your priority should be your health and the rest will follow. If you feel good, if you are doing well, others will. To get ideas for tasty recipes based on vegetables, we can only advise you to take a look at preparations Giuliano!

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