The Slimming Essential Trace Elements For Weight Loss


In a thin target, we watch our calorie intake as well as our quota of fruits and vegetables but we often overlook foods containing large quantities of trace elements involved in the fight against overweight.

The Slimming Essential Trace Elements For Weight Loss

1. Magnesium and selenium

You are nervous with sweet cravings

Sugar quiets for a short time your favorite stress? This behavior is related to the decrease in the body’s magnesium levels whose stock is depleted when you live under pressure. Sugar ingestion leads to a release of insulin which in turn helps the magnesium into our cells. More magnesium you miss the more you crave sweet. A vicious circle…


It helps to fight against stress and boosts morale. Invaluable assistance, including premenstrual period or menopause.

Our advice

Take tablets (40 to 50mg) 3 times per week or drinking water that contains many every other day. In all cases, we must help the magnesium into the cell. For this purpose it is associated with silica liquid.

The slightest deviation, you regain weight

When the system starts the metabolism gets used to spend less during the restriction period. This is due among other things to a decrease in T3, a thyroid hormone involved in fat breakdown. Result now we remange a little more, the body stores and the pounds back.


it against attack by transforming another thyroid hormone (T4) and T3 can mitigate weight regain.

Our advice

choose a bulb granion selenium (pharmacy). As it is highly dosed careful not double doses (risk of hair loss …) and do not take continuously. Space cures: 2 weeks 4. For that yeast to swell, prefer milder treatments: anti-free radical complex with vitamins A, C and E combined.

2. Calcium and chromium

You struggle to maintain your weight

You feel that your body is waiting for the slightest opportunity regrossir? This is likely if your menstrual cycles have shortened after a period of thinning or if you are approaching menopause, indicating a decrease in estrogen. The organization has then keeps regrossir to strengthen the adipose tissue which provides part of the production of these hormones. In this case, you have also probably sleeping difficulties and pain that reveal a lack of calcium.


it facilitates weight loss. When estrogen retains enough the body is satisfied and does not try regrossir.

Our advice

Eat 450 to 500mg of calcium each day in the form of tablets or eating dairy products (yogurt about 3). To facilitate assimilation associate vitamin D to this

When one is on a diet does eating less is often accompanied by a loss of vitamins and minerals. The body gets tired and in need of energy it calls for sugar. Unfortunately, cravings for sweets self feeding and enters a vicious circle.


this is a good regulator of insulin action. If you have enough, you will not fall into the sweet snack.

Our advice

take chromium picolinate each morning to 200 micrograms per day.

3. Potassium and iron

You feel bloated

You’re struggling to lose weight and you feel palpitations muscle weakness? Your state may betray a lack of potassium.


it restores energy facilitates the renal elimination (to deflate) and maintains a good mood!

Our advice

in case of high deprivation potassium is prescribed on prescription. If it is a balance, opt for supplements that contain it. Otherwise, force on fruits and vegetables the main providers.

Have strokes

If you have heavy periods and you do not eat much red meat you may be suffering from an iron deficiency. If your fatigue prompts you to binge eating the verdict should be confirmed by a blood test.


it improves the basic metabolism it burns more calories! As this mineral promotes oxygenation, when it runs out the body uses the anaerobic (without oxygen) to work. This lowers the sugar level where the shots pumps and cravings.

Our advice

are promoting a diet rich in iron red meat lentils …
We should take an iron supplement after a blood test revealed a lack.
Any overdose can be dangerous. The iron supplement comes only as a last resort.

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