The Virtues of Vegetable Oil Hazelnut & Coconut Concentrate Vitamins For Skin


Vegetable 0il is a very fluid oil, first cold pressed, golden yellow, as its name suggests, feels very good hazelnut. Rich in vitamins A and E, hazelnut oil is 100% pure and natural.

Its virtues: it regulates sebum production, unclogs blackheads and tightens pores. It penetrates well into the skin without leaving a greasy film. It can also be used as a day cream. It moisturizes and nourishes the skin to protect it. Very healing, it repairs tissue, acne scars and even stretch marks. Once applied it leaves a veil of softness on the skin. It soothes and protects dry and sensitive skin.

Vegetable Oil Vitamins For Skin

However, it is better to buy in small quantities and store in a cool place because it has poor resistance to heat.

Directions For Use:

Apply to face and massage in gently. To enhance its effectiveness, moisten your skin. This fruit high in vitamins and nutritive power has invaluable qualities in cosmetics. Appreciated for its fatty acids are essential for the skin, the oil is a real treasure.

1. Oil Soothing to The Skin

Extracted from fresh fruit and still green, the coconut oil is non-comedogenic does not favor the appearance of blackheads and has a delicious nutty smell. Due to its concentration in l auric acid, a saturated fatty acid, it has a high affinity with the skin.

Ultra-nourishing, anti-dehydration, it has a strong power conditioner. It is therefore ideal for the care of dry and damaged skin, those are chapped or cracked and rough and skins lacking elasticity. Due to its vitamin A and E, it calms burning sensations and redness, and is an ingredient of choice for after-sun care.

The virtues of Vegetable Oil Hazelnut & Coconut Concentrate Vitamins For Skin-

2. Assets Nourishing Hair

The content of coconut oil fatty acids makes it a very popular hair dry and frizzy. It protects, invigorates and brightens the hair fiber. Most unusual, it is used in the composition of natural lice products in combination with essential oils geranium, lavender oil asphyxiation because these parasites without damaging the hair.

Called coconut oil the main ingredient of the famous Monoi obtained from the dried pulp of coconut is highly nutritious, rich in fatty acids as saturated. Monoi is made by macerating Tiare flowers in refined coconut oil; the product is purified by filtration.
The Polynesian is in traditional coat the hair and body to protect and nourish.

3. Exfoliating in the Pulp And Peel

The coconut is a perfect base for scrub products. For gentle exfoliation for the face, using the pulp (the white part) dried and ground. For a more energetic body scrub special is the brown bark, tougher, which is sprayed and transformed to integrate a body scrub. By adding coconut oil, you get a skin nourishing scrub.

Vegetable Oil

4. Cleaning Agents hyperdoux

This is because the size of the fatty acids in coconut oil provides good solubility and high affinity with skin that labs use it to produce surfactants (sodium coco sulfate, anionic, coco glucoside and coco betaine).
These gentle cleansing agents are used in most shower gels and shampoos. In tropical countries, it also uses coconut oil for the manufacture of soaps, because of its foaming power and smoothness.

5. Exfoliating Shower Gel To Yourself

  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil organic coconut
  • 2 tablespoons coconut pulp
  • 2 tablespoons of washing base neutral

Mix All Ingredients In a Bowl

Wash with this gel and massage your skin with light circular movements upwards. Rinse your body toned feel deliciously good coconut!

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