Things to Know When Buying Cosmetics


Buying Cosmetics, Do not underestimate the value of the test product. If the sample mini can bring about you should ask for a little bit. The cosmetics shop may also be … deviation. Here are a few basics you should know when to stop cosmetic shop.

Whether shopping anywhere be sure to ask questions it is safe for sensitive skin? How much last? Currently many employees are trained in skin care carefully so that they can own advice based on specific needs.

Buying Cosmetics

Brand reputation

The major cosmetic companies often have research and development department specialized in making formula has been tested. Another reason to buy the company’s product name is many key facts about dosage formulations were not disclosed on the packaging. Such peptides small peptides generated the production of collagen in the skin usually present in the mysterious figure.

Try before you buy

Do not underestimate the value of the test product. With some girls skin care cosmetics to create the smell and feel like you use every day. If the sample mini can bring about you should ask for a little bit.

Learn the process of change / pay

Each store has its own policy, but generally if there is to keep the box and receipt, your product will be returned within 30 or 90 days. Sure to clarify this before buying!


For those who have eczema (eczema) or skin allergies, avoid dyes perfumes and essential oils. Herbal ingredients can cause allergic reactions. The product contains rust peeling, exfoliate, bleach page contains glycolic acid, retinol cream, capable of dermatitis. They are not prohibited from using the most secure but still minimize the side effects with the lightest, as bleaching creams cells with artificial soft particles a buffer coating glycolic less bold (ie, its high pH and less likely to cause irritation and exfoliating) or a less severe form concentration of a retinoid dedicated to the sensitive skin.


If you are about to buy an expensive skin care products you should invest in sunscreen or retinol Many doctors dermatologist more like sunscreen filters in accordance with the laws of nature as they do not cause skin irritation and not split too fast. Sunscreen penetrates the skin easily and do not see feeling very smooth. Meanwhile retinol improves bruise stimulates collagen production clean small defects and even reduce the size of pores. This is an expensive but effective component is very high.

Good time

In business center: Select the latest anti aging serum type requires you to concentrate, so do not try it on busy days. Floor selling skin care products most often deserted in the early morning and late afternoon (2 pm to 4h) Monday and Tuesday when most people are busy at work. If you can not go shopping at the right time, you should go to the store on the evening of the week Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday is the absence or when the new store opens on weekends.

Note packaging

The packaging of skin care products need to meet the main goal not for the beauty of vanity. It must protect the perishable ingredients such as retinoid and antioxidants to light and air the elements that could make them unstable and void. The tubes commonly used for pharmaceutical aluminum with small gaps. Opaque pump bottle format airtight can also shield perishable components.


With most products you should use persistence for at least 8 weeks to see the effect. (Acne spot treatment products faster performance elimination of minor defects in 2-3 days). Some girls have to wait even longer in the area of beauty not a word more honest questions “The effect in each other”. Skin reacts to a product depending on physiological factors your metabolic process and other deep issues. But if you have chosen to be a smart products and to comply with the stage waiting patiently. Beautiful skin is a lifetime process!

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