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Ombre-dyed hair is a fairly popular hairstyle in European countries and spreading around the world. With dyed hairstyles create a darkening or fading effect from top to bottom or vice versa.

This is a hairstyle that is very popular with young people, especially girls. Moreover, with ombre style is suitable for many different colors. So you can pursue every style with this new dye.


Ombre dyeing also has another name is stain dye. This is a technique of dyeing two or more of the same tone in a dark or fading direction. Ombre hairstyles; skin color; face shape and accentuate the dyer’s individuality.

To neutralize the brass/orange patches. And remember the following basic color neutralization principles: Green neutralizes red – Blue neutralizes orange – Purple neutral yellow.


If you want to get beautiful ombre hair. you cannot help but use bleach to remove the black pigmentation. so the dye can be in the right color.

However, keep in mind that bleaching also means destroying the entire hair structure. That is why people call bleached hair “dead hair”.

Since bleach contains chemicals that are harmful to the scalp, and can even cause burns, it is best not to remove it all the way up to the roots.

In addition, if you have dry, frizzy hair that is easy to split ends, you should trim the ends of your hair just before or after dyeing for the best results.

After dyeing, you should use a rich shampoo at least once a week to keep your hair smooth, healthy from deep inside.

Possessing an ombre dyed hair, you will become more stylish, personality and stand out.

However, you also need to know that: with this color stained hair, even if the color is light or dark, it will cause the hair to dry out and lack vitality over time.

Because of the characteristic of ombre hair, the use of chemicals to remove the original hair color will make your hair much weaker than usual.

For that reason, you will need a special hair care regimen for ombre hairstyles if you want to avoid damage that can not be repaired later on.

Use specialized hair care products for dyed hair such as shampoos and conditioners to preserve the color and provide more restorative nutrients to the hair.

In particular, the conditioner also helps to prevent hair from being too dry, split ends or broken, damaged after using chemicals.


The trend of dyed hair is increasingly diverse with many different new variations.

If you are a trendy girl who likes to renew yourself but has not found a suitable style, then wait without trying the ombre hair color below, you will surely be surprised by the change. Dear.

1- Smoke Ombre Hair Color

Ombre smoke color is a pretty daring choice for our sisters. Although extremely fancy, attractive, and luxurious, smoky ombre is not as easy to play with as other ombre colors. You can combine the color of smoke with blue or pink on the ends.

2- Black Ombre Hair

One of the most loved and used ombre hair colors is the combination of ombre with black hair – the original hair color of our sisters.

Why not? In fact, a black-haired ombre is a safe and pleasant choice for the majority of office girls.

Normally, in combination with black from hairline to hair shaft, hair ends will combine ombre with bright colors such as gold, platinum, smoky gray, pink, blue, reddish-brown …

3- Brown Ombre Hair Color

Also on the list of basic ombre colors, easy to dye, easy to apply, and highly reasonable, it is brown ombre hair. The best combination of brown ombre is dark brown and smoky brown, or chocolate and chestnut. You do not need to be fussy about mixing colors, just choosing a light brown and a dark brown tone is your ombre color.

04- Pink Ombre Hair Color

Eye-catching, fashionable and beautiful strange! Perhaps that is the reason why pink ombre hair becomes singing for a long time. From idols to hot girls all try to play this dye.

However, pink ombre hair is not easy for anyone to get along with. If you do not know how to makeup, you will easily make yourself look country and lost.

05- Purple Ombre Hair Color

With deep purple shades and pale in color, purple ombre really looks like there’s the magic that makes it impossible to take our eyes off. Hairs that use purple tones to perform ombre, if combined with shade, will be the focus of all attention.

Why, purple ombre is not for the majority of women, but only for girls who are stylish, with a different spirit.

06- Platinum Ombre Hair Color

The platinum color is so easy to combine that almost any color, the platinum ombre is still beautiful. Usually the ombre platinum part will be at the ends, hair roots are used a darker or darker color such as black, brown, moss green, blue, red, yellow brown, … But either way, this is how Hair dyes help you break the way and renew yourself to stand out more.

07- Black Blue Ombre Hair Color

When using black to combine ombre, you can choose both navy blue and moss green. Whatever the color, basic black will create harmonious colors. If you want to be different, choose black – blue as a unique duo because of the sharp contrast between a dark color and a light color. When you need some warmth and safety, let the dark, dark moss ombre be your hair color.

08- Ombre Black Gold Hair Color

Also from the point of view, black hair can ombre with the world, mixed blond black hair makes you look western, stylish but really personality. Not as outstanding as when ombre pink – purple-blue, black and yellow is a pleasant and easy-to-play ombre for our women.

09- Black Gray Ombre Hair Dye

When you choose a dark gray ombre, you won’t need to change your style or spend a lot of time on makeup. You simply need to be yourself, an intimate dark gray ombre will make you look new, but still you. This is also a hair color showing the moderation of ombre for office women.

10- Black Pink Ombre Hair

Seemingly simple and easy to harmonize when a black ombre with pink, in reality, it is the exact opposite.

This is a very easy dye that makes your skin look dull…

the style is cumbersome if you don’t know how to match. Perhaps because of that, although the black-pink ombre is very interested, it actually rarely appears.

11- Highlight Ombre Hair Color

What a more physical hair sample when using both light and ombre hook at once. You can still keep your hair color whether it’s black, brown, moss … or whatever.

Just by breaking with a few lights using ombre of the same contrasting color, you can effectively refresh. With this little change, you don’t have to change your style and still look cool.

12- Pink Ombre Hair Color

If you are a fan of Kpop, you must have been ecstatic many times before the ombre pink hair of the idols.

Although not too popular, this is an extremely impressive and delicate ombre color when combining 2 colors that seem unrelated to each other.

13- Ombre Purple Smoke Hair Color

Extremely fanciful and difficult to imagine are the smoke purple ombre couple. Lighter than pure purple and has a hint of smoke.

smoky ombre hair gives a vague and elusive feeling for girls who dare to own this hair color.

Hair color will be extremely bright and eye-catching, but women should wear transparent Korean makeup to confidently shine with ombre smoky purple.

14- Yellow Ombre Hair Color

If asked which of the majority of women love ombre the most, perhaps golden brown will reach the relatively high top. Ombre brown is really easygoing and easygoing. Any girl who wants to be able to coordinate well with this hair color. If you do not have makeup or have a skin that is not too bright, choose brown skin tones like chocolate, chestnut or dark brown to lay ombre you.

15- Pink Brown Ombre Hair

Many girls have been drunk before the eye-catching pink brown ombre hairstyle of the beautiful Irene (Red Velvet). With white skin, fragile beauty, sweetness, ombre hair color mixed with chocolate brown and pastel pink as if she was to enhance Irene’s beauty. How about you ? If you also have fair skin and a feminine beauty, you can also double wave with ombre pink hair.

16- Moss-Brown Ombre Hair

Moss brown is also a deep color and has only recently appeared. Although it is a deep color, moss brown is a more prominent and special color. The moss brown color when dyeing ombre will suit girls with a slightly rebellious style. Anyway, this is also a hair color that should try to have a unique new style.

17- Dark Green Moss Ombre Hair

Moss green is a somewhat rebellious color that is suitable for those with dusty styles. In recent years, moss green is considered a hot trend color that many people love.

There is something quite calm but very prominent and unique. Usually you think that moss green is suitable for white skin. So Asians with other skin colors will hesitate when it comes to this color.

However, you do not need to worry because green moss when dyeing ombre with a darkening effect will be very bright. Moss-green ombre hair will give you a stylish and stylish look. With the current trend, short hair dyed moss green ensures a very new hair color. You can stand out from the crowd and make your crush more interested in you.

18- Blue Ombre Hair

Blue usually suits girls with a little rebellious personality. If you love the new one, are not afraid to experiment and have light skin, this is the color you should not ignore. Blue ombre hair with many different shades such as pastel blue, smoky blue, black with blue … all give you a look that attracts attention, charm and irresistible mystery.


Many people call this bleached hair “dead hair”. The roots because will affect the scalp as well as the quality of hair in the future.


  • Use the right shampoo for dyed and bleached hair. Do not use the shampoo arbitrarily as you like, this will make your hair “down color” very quickly in just 2 weeks to 1 month.
  • Should use conditioner, conditioner, brewing cream … to care, nourish and moisturize hair. Note the time to use these products on hair, do not leave too long, because it will affect the quality of the hair.
  • If possible, you can choose the oil steaming method and professional hair conditioning methods at the salon to restore damaged hair as well as overcome the dry condition of the hair.
  • Limiting the use of electric tools to curl, straighten hair … will make hair drier and faster “down sharp”.
  • Do not expose to the environment that affects the hair badly such as: avoid washing your hair with hot water, limit exposure to pool water as well as sunlight, dirt from the environment …
  • Let your hair rest for a while before continuing with the beauty work, changing the hairstyle or curling, straightening, dyeing …

Only experience can understand! That is why, do not just look and wish to own 1 ombre hair. There are many simple, moderately colored ombre colors available for girls. Just boldly renew yourself, change your style and attract everyone around with a new hair color – ombre color.

Tie And Dye Ombre Hair Stylist & Shadow Hair 2021

I think its great fun for the summer, it gives a sunny beach but I got a haircut there is not long and I did not want to go to the hairdresser to make me a shadow hair, especially because it costs hyper-expensive hairdresser and many will tell you they do not because it does not exist.

Tie And Dye Ombre Hair Stylist & Shadow Hair 2013

So I found the solution, I went to a supermarket to buy it:

It is an intense bleaching cream Nordic blonde Schwarzkopf without ammonia it fades from May to June tones; it is suitable for light brown hair to blond.

Tie And Dye Ombre Hair Stylist & Shadow Hair 2013-0

My Technique

First, you cover your shoulders with a towel.

Tie And Dye Ombre Hair Stylist & Shadow Hair 2013-01

Mix all products as shown on the box.

Tie And Dye Ombre Hair Stylist & Shadow Hair 2021

1st Phase

Apply to your points about 4-5 cm depending on the desired effect too. The part on which you apply the product will be the brightest part of the shaded hair. Let posed 25min. Rinse and dry after the first bleaching the tips of your hair may be slightly orange.

Tie And Dye Ombre Hair Stylist & Shadow Hair 2021

Step 2

Once your hair applies dry product on the tips already discolored and climb even higher (over tens of cm).

Tie And Dye Ombre Hair Stylist & Shadow Hair 2021
Tie And Dye Ombre Hair Stylist & Shadow Hair 2021

My Opinion

Or else make do with a shaded color, red, blonde … (instead of fading)

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