Tights And Socks In The Mesh – What To Wear And How To Choose


Tights, stockings, and socks in the mesh – what to wear

For many years, stylists and fashion historians literally forbidden to wear tights or fishnet stockings. But lately, things have changed now fishnet stockings in those trends. Tights or fishnet stockings, depending on the style and our intentions will help to create a variety of images of the summer, from the seductive to the office.

From What To Wear Fishnet Tights


Mesh tights gained popularity in the early 1900s and then became fashionable among flapper sensation in the 1920s. Next Tights moved to the dancers. And in the 1960s sexual revolution has pushed many women to wear them as part of everyday fashion.

In 1970 years, the punks turned fishnet stockings seductive provocation and fetish garment in the street scene, and a teenage call up doing in pantyhose torn hole.

In the 1980s and 1990s, followers of the subculture ready happily adorned their images tights, stockings and other items of clothes in the mesh. Then net tights have become part of the images in the grunge style.

Now the scandal fishnet tights remained in the distant past, they no longer are of a vulgar connotation, which was to them before. Today, net of different types and sizes can be part of the dress, and any other article of clothing. Therefore, tights in a grid are very relevant, because not everyone will decide to just buy a dress-net, but to experiment with tights and easy.

What To Wear Fishnet Tights

From What To Wear Fishnet Tights

Modern fashion allows almost all designers to create some incredible images, which destroy the generally accepted standards of beauty and make us really ugly. But if you stick to some standards and principles, consider the following rules:

Tights and fishnet stockings are better not to combine with mini skirts, shorts, so as not to debase its image. Any boots with heels of any height, any color is absolutely not allowed to wear such stockings.

Grid looks good with a dress or skirt pencil of dense tissue, the length of which reaches the knee. Shoes have to be closed. Ideal – slacks or jeans out of which a little peek fishnet stockings. By this kit fit ballerina who shoots an erotic subtext completely.

If you really want to create an image with a short dress or mini skirt, choose a dress or top with a closed top of the dense opaque tissue, without deep neckline, and better with the collar.

Images With Tights

To Fit The Grid On Tights And Stockings

Color and size are important. Owner’s slim (not skinny) legs suit black and colored mesh tights. Beige stockings for everyone. In addition, it is advisable to opt for a fine mesh. A large image of the caller or making turns in the leg bandaged threads sausage.

But if we look at celebrities, we can see that Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and many others create images with a large grid. In addition, many stylists and fashion bloggers recommend wearing tights in a grid with large cells. If you like this trend, it is safe to experiment, but do not forget that a large mesh looks good only on slender legs.

Mesh Socks

If your wardrobe is no such shoe, suit shoes or sneakers.

In conclusion, it is important to note – fashion and new technologies have transformed the mesh tights and they brought them from the usual format.

Modern fishnet stockings and tights may be the most bizarre grid from squares and lozenges to circles, patterns resembling honeycombs, the web and more. The grid can be independent but can be applied on top of the tights. Therefore, the choice is huge.



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