Tip Bleaching Cream Without Dedicated


Warm water, honey or children’s shampoo can help you remove makeup effectively. To clean stage makeup to removing boring, try to make use of the bleaching method from natural products available. You will find this work quickly and easily than ever before.

Tip Bleaching Cream Without Dedicated

Warm Water

Actually, warm water should be used as the first step of the bleaching process. Instead of using cotton and bleach solution directly, light wipe a turn around the face cloth with warm water will help you remove make faster and much easier. Especially when you are upset with thick mascara and stick, try this way.


Vaseline is one of the tools bleach cheap but extremely effective. Just a little Vaseline together with cotton makeup remover you can clean the surface sensitive skin cosmetics in areas quickly with the eye area is thick makeup, apply Vaseline to eyelashes, eyelids, the first for a while then use clean cotton.

Shampoo No Tear Of Children

Do you know children’s shampoo is a great alternative to bleach, even “beat” the kind of waterproof mascara? It is best absorbed oils on a cotton ball and put it on the election of the eye. Do not rub up, you gently massage in a circular motion.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is known for cosmetic use to remove waterproof, you can use it with thick bleach and bold. The biggest advantage of this oil is rich in nutrients so gentle and benign, thus also nourished skin. However, after the bleaching stage, you should rinse the cleanser to avoid oils clog pores, especially for those who own oily skin.


Honey is a natural skin care cosmetics multiple uses in the kitchen of the family but the bleaching of it is not well known.

You just apply a thin layer of honey on your face and massage gently by hand; they will help get the class scum and dirt on the skin, regenerate skin cells, pay you a smooth skin and firm.

Lip Balm

You will not believe but lip balm is a great makeup remover tool. Let’s put a little lip balm on soft cotton, you can bleach the face easily. This is the “emergency approach” effective when suddenly your mascara smearing lipstick or lem.

Milk / Yogurt

Since ancient times the famous beauty queen known as Cleopatra used milk as a panacea to cultivate their beauty & Milk / yogurt very well in the bleaching. Wash your face with milk / yogurt not only cleanses the skin but also helps to improve skin dryness, redness, or skin oily and greasy ball.

Jojoba Oil

Dip a cotton pad in a small amount of jojoba oil and apply it on your face. Face and mascara, eye shadow or lipstick will become clean. Jojoba oil is a mild detergent can clean but still moist skin. Besides, it also facilitates your eyelashes grow faster and healthier. After application of jojoba oil to clean your face, you can use a damp cloth to remove all the excess oil to your skin clean, perfect.

Coconut Oil

Is an easy and economical way to remove makeup? Coconut oil not only smells hot but also works well in the bleaching and improves length of eyelashes. All you need to do is small a little coconut oil on your fingers, apply to face, especially the area to remove make-up and eyelashes. Then gently massage and rinse with clean water.

Aloe Extract

Not only treat blisters and bruises pigmentation aloe extract used to massage the face and removing very effective with the necessary nutrients for skin and components up to 95% of pure water, pure aloe enhance moisture and help the skin to absorb nutrients in the best way. You can apply it on your face for 15 minutes and rinse with water.

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