Top 6 Natural Lip Care Tips For Beauty and Healthy Lip


Natural lip care tips is very important especially when we are experiencing the change of seasons. Chapped lips signify your lips dry skin. Even if you have to apply lip balm dry lips are still difficult to overcome.

Cosmo recommends that you choose a natural treatment that can be done at home to restore moisture to the lips. Coconut oil for example, is one of the ingredients of natural treatments for dry lips and chapped. Well besides that there was still more some natural ingredients to cure dry lips you know!

Natural Lip Care Tips

Natural Lip Care Tips Step By Step For Healthy Lips

1. Coconut Oil

Apply coconut oil or butter every time your lips feel dry. This includes treatment relatively quickly to address dry lips and chapped. The fatty acids in coconut oil are believed to help overcome the dryness of the lips and provide nutrients so lips feel more humid. Past … addition to being able to overcome dryness of the lips coconut oil is also found effective to get rid of lip color that looks dark, you know!

2. Iris an Tomatoes

Natural lip care tips to gently massages your lips with fresh tomato slices. Also add a few drops of honey on sliced tomatoes before applying it to the lips. After that you can make the remaining tomatoes into juice that helps heal dry lips naturally.

3. Natural Lip Care Tips With Honey

Take a drop of honey on the tip of your finger then gently massage your lips. Let stand for 1-2 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Honey itself has a utility to help soften and moisturize the lips and prevent chapped.

4. Lemon and Honey Balm

This is one treatment that can be done in the most effective way to treat dry lips and chapped. Lemon fruit itself has the ability to help exfoliate dry skin exfoliate dead skin and also brighten the color of the lips. While honey on the other hand serves as moisturizing your lips. Way simply apply a mixture of lemon and honey lip balm on for 5 minutes then rinse with warm water. Do it twice a day to get maximum results.

5. Iris an Cucumber

Because cucumbers contain quite a lot of water in it, the green vegetable is believed to be a natural remedy to cope with dry lips. Way, simply massage the lips with fresh cucumber slices. This method will not only help solve dry lips but the water content and vitamin C on cucumber will help moisturize your lips.

6. Natural Lip Care Tips With Aloe Vera

In addition to treating dry skin, aloe Vera extract can also be applied to the lips dry and chapped. The amount of water and minerals in much be contained aloe Vera extract will help to moisturize the skin and keep it feeling soft lips.

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