Easy Tip Rescue iPhone Crashes

Easy tip rescue iPhone
Easy tip rescue iPhone, Not the iPhone always works in the best condition

Easy Tip Rescue iPhone, If you own an iPhone, you have probably seen the case of “crashes”. Here are some easy steps to “rescue” this smartphone.

Easy Tip Rescue iPhone Problems

Touch Screen Was “Hanging”

iPhone is considered as one of the best touch devices today but it would be a nightmare if the crickets suddenly hanging screen. However, you need not fear because this problem can disappear quickly by restarting this topic. To perform this operation by simultaneously pressing and holding the Home key and the screen lock button for 10 seconds.

Then the screen will go blank and then the Apple logo pops up. When you see the “apple defects” on the screen means that your iPhone has been rebooting and the problem has been resolved also do not exclude the possibility that the iPhone screen damaged due to hardware failure. If so, the user will have to bring the factory warranty if still valid or require completely new hardware replacement.

Home Button Does Not Work

One fine day, the expensive iPhone to them press the Home button that you can not access the application. If you encounter problems you update the new version or restore the iOS operating system through iTunes. This system has the advantage that helps compact the same but the resolution of software defects.

Easy tip rescue iPhone also you should use Assistive Touch feature a built-in operating system iOS to replace to manipulate press the Home key. To enable this feature go to Settings – General -Accessibility – AssistiveTouch and on.

Can Not Connect Internet

If your iPhone can not connect to the Internet through the wireless connection, GPRS or 3G, try resetting the iPhone as instructed above. Where the iPhone still can not access the network, you install the network settings of the iPhone by Go to Settings click to select General then continue to select Reset and tap Reset Network Settings.

You may need to enter the password previously saved to the phone and if you do not remember correctly, you need to contact the service provider to be able to install the most accurate setup.

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