Tips And Tricks To Avoid Chapped Lips And Care is Easy


Chapped LipsChapped lips tips and tricks and they want beautiful and sweet but our lips are so fragile that to achieve this we must be very caring with them. Because they are devoid of sebaceous glands, lips are even more fragile. In addition, their skin is ultra thin and because it is often wet, regeneration is not simple.

Finally, the lips are the victims of the cold and wind that cause dehydration. It is not uncommon in winter, have chapped lips, chapped, cracked and torn. So they must be pampered to keep it soft, smooth and hydrated. And care is easy, by chance!

Some Tips and Tricks to Avoid Chapped Lips

Good Care

At any time applying a protective balm one should always have one handy stick form or pot is applied with the fingers (less convenient, especially in winter!).

Summer And Winter Chapped Lips

Whatever the season, you have to cover your lips with a balm that protects from the sun. We choose a balm with sunscreen. Chapped lips but in summer, especially at the beach we apply protection directly on our lips because you can also get sunburn.

Two Teachable Moments

You can put lip balm anytime but there are two moments ultra important before you go outside to minimize moisture loss and protect lips even before going out and before going to bed in thick layers for a beneficial moisturizing night. In case of severe cracking apply petroleum jelly to the affected area. Not very romantic, but effective!


When you buy a balm, we take care to choose one that contains vitamin A and E for greater preservation of hydration and also Shea butter, cocoa, honey or beeswax. These are the best.

Avoid Chapped Lips

Sometimes the temptation is high (high arch!) To spend our language from our lips to moisten them but this usually aggravates the dehydration and drying. Of course it also avoids biting or even small tear dry skin. It would cause more damage to our chapped lips.

Better to opt for lipsticks or gloss satin those matte lipsticks for better hydration and protective layer on our lips.

Scrub House

Here is a small homemade recipe to gently exfoliate our lips. Is used a toothbrush with soft bristles which dip in hot water. By small circular motions rub your lips with the toothbrush that removes dead skin cells gently. You can put a little honey on our lips before. Then apply a generous layer of lip balm or even moisturizer on your lips and leave it all be about fifteen minutes before removing the excess with a tissue. Promised were beautiful lips hydrated and soft afterwards. Above all we got rid of dead skin that often wants to pull!

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