Holiday Eating Food Tips On Maintaining a Healthy Diet


Holiday eating food Tips on Long vacation, many families often travel. To get an exciting vacation to avoid poisoning or gastrointestinal disease… experts gave the following advice.

First, eat fresh food. The hot season, high temperatures will be favorable for growth and reproduction of bacteria. So, you should pay special attention to the freshness of the food. Food from the previous meal is always the risk of pathogens.

Holiday Eating Food Tips With Different Foods

Food Packaging

Do not leave the vacuum packaged food too long after it opened. Ideally, you should eat food as soon as it is opened. If you eat the food off the vacuum left behind a long time, it will become perishable. And it will be harmful to your health when you eat it later.

Fast Food

You should pay particular attention to the packaging of fast food. First of all, you should look at the outside of the packaging to check if it is torn or damaged, see the date of manufacture and the sat Mau of food. Some perishable foods are packed though, so you should notice the smell of food after opening.


When traveling us often feel thirsty for the fact that the water body is probably more important than food, because the human body up to 60% water. If lack of water will greatly affect health but we have to watch the water is clean or not.

The morning before starting to drink plenty of water including drinking milk and eating porridge for breakfast while traveling thirst, occasional sips of plain water or tea, does not drink much at a time to avoid breaking the balance of water and salt in the body.

You should observe the surface of the beverage before drinking, whether it’s bottled water, canned. You should make sure that the surface of the drink bottle is clean, hygienic. Some bottles outside the store for a long time a lot of pollution on the surface, which will carry bacteria harmful to human health.

Fresh Seafood

Holiday Eating

When buying fresh food, you should pay attention to the food, such as shrimp, crab, lobster … If you do not eat properly; it is easy to cause poisoning.


You should eat some spices such as garlic, ginger and vinegar in the trip. Vinegar rich in acetic acid, the stomach can digest food faster. Moreover, it has effective control over a number of diseases such as gastroenteritis, dysentery, colds…

Water Environment

You should pay attention to hygiene of the water. Generally, water is not boiling unhealthy for the human body. Water in the most ideal trip is disinfected and purified water. Never drink unboiled water from rivers, ponds and lakes.


Fruits should be washed, peeled before eating.


You need to care about every meal. You can be assured of eating in the middle and high-end restaurant and the restaurant is small, you have to choose do not eat in the restaurant or outside sidewalk hawker. During the holiday, along the way, you may be hungry but you should consider not eating arbitrary.


You learn to evaluate the sanitary equipment of qualified restaurant. The general criteria are: There sanitary certificate with water disinfection facilities fresh food no flies with equipment against dust clean surroundings the collection of non-contact with food and where money and food to have a certain distance.

Also, you should buy travel insurance to help protect the safety of you and your family when traveling abroad with many benefits: secured personal accident hospitalization costs and service use Overseas medical costs incurred additional accommodation and support services in 24 medical emergencies, lost insurance and lost luggage insurance nuisance incidents incurred while away travel …

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