Tips for Managing the Virtual Sales Team



Virtual sales teams have become a common way to do business. Thanks to technology that allows salespeople to work more in the home office or anywhere in the world, a good virtual sales team is a win-win situation. Your salespeople get the flexibility and convenience to customize, and you want to build a geographically diverse sales team. No need to invest in building government “offices” in any country or around the world. The hard part is building the right team.

List table:

  • Choose the right sellers
  • Use the right tools
  • Stay in touch
  • Know that let go
  • Focus on the results

Choose The Right Sellers

Since virtual employees usually decide, what tasks to deal with and how to deal with them, it is important to understand all the top priorities from the beginning. This is especially important for new sales pools or salespeople. Who almost did not work already. So when you start a new virtual seller in the world, sit down with it and set some specific goals.

Don’t just give it a sales goal, choose some extra metrics. For example, you and he may agree that he will make at least 25 cold calls, make at least 5 appointments per week and send 10 item notes per day.

Use The Right Tools

There are many technical surprises available to help you and your virtual team. Get web work for all your Help People (and yourself) and use video conferencing for appointments. Set up a CRM that everyone can use from their own computers, preferably a CRM service, which does not require software installation. Whatever is needed, there is probably a software package or internet service that can meet it.

Stay In Touch

You’ve driven your salespeople around the world, but you can’t forget about them. You should set up regular meetings with your team and resolve any sales issues. It’s also a good idea to call or conference with individual sellers. So you can touch base with them, and find out how they are doing.

Know That Let Go

Managing virtual employees requires a high level of trust. When a new seller joins the team you have to keep an eye on their activities, but once they are aware of their goals, and become comfortable with your expectations. So it’s time to come back a little later. Good virtual jobs prefer advanced freedom. It goes with the ability to motivate yourself. So if you associate them with phone calls and emails, you will be sent the wrong message “just to check”.

Focus On The Results

When you’re 1000 miles from your salespeople, you can’t keep up with what they’re doing right now. The only way to manage your team fairly in these situations is according to their results. If one meets or exceeds your sales targets from month to month, then it is highly appreciated and cannot be broken.


On the other hand, a seller who has a sale needs immediate help and attention. Schedule a one-on-one meeting and find out what activities the councilor is pursuing. Then some activity should be arranged for it, and keep an eye on it when the number of sales gets better.

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