Tips to Match Socks and Shoes!


By popular demand, a few rules to follow to see stockings and shoes match, coordinating tights and boots!

For many socks and shoes match proves to be a real headache. Little reminder to make your life easier! First of all remember that the color brightness and eye-catching prints. More prints are large and colorful, they add more volume. Good to know if you do not want to focus on your legs or thighs.

Tips to Match Socks and Shoes!

More the shoe is fine, chic, dressed more down should be fine. The reverse also applies, low thicker cotton or wool will go with a shoe or boot more relaxed For example, I do not generalists a nylon stocking with a fine rain boot casual.

You can wear a skin-colored stockings with open-toe shoes if and only if: 1 nylon stockings is invisible bits NOT reinforced toes! AND 2 that the shoe is open at the end the forefoot. Good nylons skin color, natural looking, can be difficult to find do you! Is it better to wear a skin-colored nylons with a closed shoe? Yes.

The white tights are rarely a good idea … in fact, they never are.

Microfiber tights opaque black and worn with a boot or shoe black is almost always a good idea because this combination extends the leg. Ditto for a very dark gray stockings. Indeed, the contrasting colors “cut” the silhouette while the tonal refines and extends.

In case of doubt coordinate the color of your bottom than your shoes. If your shoes are brightly colored, proceed with caution missteps watching you at least visit! For inspiration, here’s an example of successful holding:

Finally, the colored opaque tights / print worn with a shoe, a boot sandal or even a part of trends over the past few seasons. This is an inexpensive way to add an original touch to your outfits.

Dare you colored tights this winter?

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