Tips & Trick How to Wear Pencil Skirts To Show Casual Clothes


Tips & trick how to wear pencil skirts have long existed in the world of fashion. This pencil skirt has long been a signature style in offices and other workplaces. But these season pencil skirts are the new mini skirts.

Since New York Fashion Week more models and actress Hollywood actress who wears pencil skirts as their casual clothes. This pencil skirt is very good to show the silhouette of a woman’s body and make you look more sophisticated appearance.

Tips & Trick How to Wear Pencil Skirts in All Party

Tips & Trick How to Wear Pencil Skirts 2

Celebrities such as Mandy Moore Jamie Chung and Allison Williams at the top of this look with their pencil skirts. From the fabric to leather very suitable to welcome trend autumn in every season.

Tips & Trick How to Wear Pencil Skirts 3

Want to look stylish with pencil skirts?

Here are tips & tricks to use this pencil skirt.

Silhouettes and Prints

Tips & Trick How to Wear Pencil Skirts 1

Look for a pencil skirt silhouette complained your body. Pencil skirts are basically suitable for all body shapes but if your body shape is pear-shaped, look for a length pencil skirt above your knees so that the dress will make your legs look long and lean.

Be bold! Look for a pencil skirt with an interesting texture and print. Leather skirt, for example, will make you look edgier and not impressed ‘office look’.

Mix and Match

Tips & Trick How to Wear Pencil Skirts

Pair with a pencil skirt or a blazer boss ‘ladylike’. Play with contrasting silhouettes; for example, use a pencil skirt with a chunky sweater in the fall. Or you can also blend pencil skirt with a vintage t-shirt and a statement necklace. Do not forget to blend pencil skirt with heels!

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