Top 10 Christmas Decoration to Make Yourself


Today I offer you a summary of Christmas decoration to make yourself. These are simple decoration to make like all creations you find creative blog.

So if you tired of out every year the same old Christmas decoration, here are some ideas that may give a facelift to your tree and your home.

Do not hesitate to return to this post, this is where I will come to the links of my creations on the theme of Christmas and I have some ideas in mind to add to this list soon!

Christmas Decoration to Start This List of Christmas Deco To Oneself

Here are 10 points to make Christmas balls:

1. To create Christmas balls with beads, feathers, wire wheels, the artificial snow, come to inspire you!

2. Balls Christmas natural back to basics with Christmas decorations made of pine cones and moss.

3. Christmas decoration and in the tutorial ideas to learn how to make Christmas balls those I speak 2: Christmas balls 100% natural.

4. Christmas decoration an advent calendar but not any: she is made of cardboard and tissue paper, minimalist program: less is more!

5. A Christmas decoration for your tree: we must not forget is the star of the party (after you of course) And if you made it a nice Christmas decoration of felt or fabric shaped tree … of course!

6. A decorative Christmas table: an illustration, paper, tape, cloth and transfer to a printer and your tableware is ready!

7. Balls Christmas paper! 3 Pretty Deco to make from paper, to discover!

8. A ball fabric: easy to carry, seamstresses will be able to use their scraps of fabric to make a pretty Christmas decoration!

9. A Christmas composition: some branches of snowy fir and masking tape to give your home a festive look!

10. My Christmas tree! But it is true in fact, looks like my Christmas tree with these decorative homemade!

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