Top 5 Fabulous Places To Celebrate Christmas With Family


Are you a fan of Christmas? Do you love illuminations, race gifts, the smell of mulled wine or turkey with the chestnut grandmother? It’s a good thing, but how about taking some distance with all these rituals and celebrates Christmas differently? Here are the 5 best places for an unforgettable Christmas.


5. Celebrate Christmas in the Far North to revive the magic

When you think of Christmas, we often think of cold, snow falling in large flakes and a little hut in the woods where near a warm fireplace, trôneraient great gifts. If you want your dreams to become reality, then towards Rovaniemi in Finland, which is none other than the Santa Claus Village.

Lapland offers a legendary festival and a unique experience. You will be surrounded by dense forests, white reindeer, elves and the famous Santa Claus, with whom you can even take a souvenir photo. Guests will be won by the joy and good mood, which make Rovaniemi a magical place where celebrate Christmas with family.

Due to the proximity of the village to the Arctic Circle, you will also the chance to attend the spectacular Northern Lights. Side activities, treat you to a tour with huskies or reindeer, a snowmobile safari or a visit to Santa’s office to leave it in a safe place, your list for next year.

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