Top 7 Error Makeup on How To Apply Make Up Look Tired And Old


How to apply make up the bottom line is that the makeup of the female becomes full of life. But if you do not pay attention, they just need some minor bugs; you can also make yourself grow old, lifeless.

How To Apply Make Up Tired And Old

Makeup has always been an important weapon to help women become more beautiful every day. Currently the new make-up trend is becoming increasingly more rich ladies can make “popular culture” to create her own style. And the bottom line of make-up that is causing women to become full of life. However, there are bugs makeup seemed very simple but extremely susceptible to that sister’s face became tired, lifeless. Let’s see which are the bugs like makeup okay.

1 . Monotonous Tones For The Face

How To Apply Make Up

Simple is always effective, but it is not monotonous. Do you think that makeup a new tone for the whole face makeup properly, and feared that the different tones on the face will make you become gaudy, grotesque. But you’d be wrong to then okay. A color tones for the eyes, cheeks, lips will make your face too blurred no highlights. Just an accent in your eyelids, or lips will make your face becomes fresh and attract more stares. Dark eye color to create depth to the eyes, and bending Lashes Mascara makes soulful eyes, or choose fresh lipstick, dab a little lip gloss plumper lips, so you have to change the face quickly. To avoid gaudy on weekdays, let’s just pick one of two: eye or lip to create focal points for the face okay.

2 . Incorrect Use Concealer For The Under Eye Puffiness

How To Apply Make Up

Normally you usually choose a concealer lighter skin tones have a lot to hide dark circles under the eyes. However this would be counterproductive and would never bring the desired results. Concealer too light color will make your skin has different colors difference. This error is much makeup that celebrities often encounter. Please choose a liquid concealer or lighter skin color attractions mid tone, we will help the skin around your eyes is much more harmonious. To choose the best cream added correctly, you have enough makeup in light conditions, under sunlight or white light, and a large mirror to see the entire face will help you put the best choice for you.

3 . Skip Cream Eye Liner

How To Apply Make Up

This cream makes your eyes less intensive than combined concealer can fade dark circles around the eye area. Besides, eye liner cream also contains ingredients to help protect the delicate skin of the eyes from the direct effects of the beauty cosmetics such as eye shadow, eyeliner … Ignoring cream eye liner also very destructive if you use black eyeliner for guy’s lower lids. Cream eye liner effect prevents blurry black and flowing If you do not want eyeliner on the lower lids is that your eyes have dark circles like panda eyes, use eyeliner waterproof mi in mi bottom.

4 . Too Much Loose Powder

How To Apply Make Up

1 dry skin and too much will make you happy in old & tired more than a smooth, clear skin. So, do not use too much loose powder! Use a translucent powder to remove the greasy and mixed skin color. Moreover, a few years back when the natural makeup style to the throne, the skin is the tart too much loose powder to make your face become heavy and unnatural light. You just use the cream for smooth leather lining creates the foundation teamed up to create the colors are bright and the skin (BB Cream), sometimes revealing a bit of the cons that you face no makeup, but as makeup.

5 . Do Not Use Moisturizer

How To Apply Make Up

Please do not, do not, do not ever use makeup before moisturizer (moisturizer should use effective sunscreen helps prevent skin damaging effects of sun). The direct use of cosmetic preparations to dry skin and peeling face just makes you become extremely tired and dried out more. Moreover peeling skin patches will make you appear to lack confidence when in crowded places because almost anyone will pay attention to the facial makeup of your carelessly. It feels like you just woke up in a state of fatigue, make up a lick and a promise that you lose points.

6 . Use  Wrong Color Eyeliner

How To Apply Make Up

Do not think that these factors affect your entire face looks okay. Do not ever forget the saying” the eyes are the windows to the soul” if you’re not careful, be careful in choosing eye shadow reasonable steps for the entire face, then no one will see the looks fresh, radiant you want show. Only one line only, but pretty much decided to face life on you.

If your skin cool color, eyeliner copper or gold will make you look tired, sick. Conversely, if your skin warm colors, using silver eyeliner as bad as that. Avoid the color does not match your face will do more awake.

7 . Makeup Grayscale

How To Apply Make Up

No matter what skin tone you are, make up for gray tones also make you tired and incredibly old. Let’s stick with the warm tones to bright young faces and more. Whether you are interested in the tone of this, do not try to test it at work or at a party because you will definitely immediately and into the ranks of the ladies or those with mood rather tired haggard not a beautiful young lady every day.

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