Top 7 Tips For Skin Care at Home How Beauty Treatments


Skin care at home it’s less than one month of your wedding date how can do beauty treatments within a month? Do not trigger stress and give ladies. Everything can be solved even if time is tight. Give maximum care to the skin ahead of the wedding can be done at home anyway. You do not have to bother to salon if it did not have much time.

Skin Care at Home

How To Do Skin Care at Home In 7 Step

1. Mineral Water

For a month really suffice the needs of your mineral water. Make sure you drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day to keep skin supple moist and glowing.

2. Relaxation Peel

Start the morning by eating papaya and 2 glasses of water. Two of these herbs will help regenerate the skin from the inside and make the skin look fresh.

3. Nutritional Vitamin C

In order to clear skin, eat fruits like guava, apples and oranges in between the lunch hour. It should be noted that you do not often eat fried foods. If necessary, stop menu of fried foods and replace with boiled stew alone.

4. For Oily Skin

Balance the skin from getting too oily you could eat cucumbers tomatoes and carrots. Besides consumption can also be applied as a mask on the face.

5. Wear Sun Block

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Wear sun block with an SPF of at least 30 when you are outdoors.

6. Steps Each Night

Perform 3 complete each step was about to sleep the cleansing (clean the face of a variety of dirt and clogged pores) toning (restore skin pH) and moisturizing (skin retain moisture and softness).

7. Facial Once a Week

First of all Steam face with hot water then do scrub especially in the area of T. You can use a natural scrub of honey and herb salt or buy instant. It is important to note that acne on the face and injured must not disc-rub. Perform each step every day throughout the 30 days and then you will get a healthy glowing skin on your wedding day.

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